Delhi notes – 2

Morning. 6 O’clock, saw me in one of the DDA [Delhi Development Authority…a.k.a Dhilli Dwaelpment uthaarttee) colony gardens….Panchaloha people of the locality were present in strength, walking briskly, doing physical exercises…. The garden was a picture. People of all shapes and age were ensconced on their bed-sheets, spread out in the nice green grass, busy doing Yoga….Yogi Ramdev has done a revolution of sorts, and whole parts of cities and towns are seized with yoga as the way to go…Elderly ladies were sitting on the lawns, legs extended, their knees jerking up and down, as they went through their Asana, busy chatting with each other. Some were rolling their shoulders, while some were doing “laughter exercises”… 

In the walkway there was a racing melee, as folks speed-walked, jostled…. and extracted their individual juice from the public-garden and the morning air. Women in tights, carrying a dumbbell in each hand, propa British spit and polish gentlemen with white pugree, blue t-shirt and white pants, and three fat ladies discussing recipes, and gardener-challenges….

Speaking of juice reminds me….there was this lady who was doing a ‘sales-promotion do’ of ‘wheat grass’ juice. The notice next to the vat of juice promised that wheat grass juice has the following benefits among other… 

…Removes toxins and harmful chemicals from the body

Cleanses the blood, slows ageing, rejuvenates sagging skin, and dampens graying of hair

 Increases hemoglobin count, improves immunity, and distresses

….    Obesity is controlled and hunger pangs are reduced.            .

…   Free home delivery and money back guarantee, (conditions apply).   Some seniors paused, to try it. Most walked past without changing gear. 

Garden looked lovely. Lots of flowers…. 

Snatches of chance conversations that one picked up seemed to hover around “Real iState”, “Property”, “Skyorty” and all about Karodes (Crores) of rupees. 

One person who walked down from the opposite direction, screwed up his nose to inhale in a special way, and breathed out directly on my face with a sound that resembled a railway locomotive puff, as the coal-fired engine begins to move….all a part of Yogic breathing exercises… 

Stray dogs signaled to each other and took off at super-speed, barking, growling, chasing the tail off some other dog that might have strayed in…. 

The Sun is up…Good morning Delhi!


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