The land of milk and music – 1

Friday – Good Friday – saw one motor down to Brindavan.

Generally referred to in plural as Mathura-Brindavan, one usually covers it as a part of Agra-Mathura-Brindavan trip, and more as a feel-good, been-there, seen-that kind of life-bookmark….

But Brindavana, in reality, is all by itself…It is some place else….

A land quite unspoilt by commerce of time…

Evening of Good Friday saw one in Ramakrishna Mission at Brindavan, in time for evening Aarathi….The same wholesome sounds that ring in all Mission shrines, filled up the prayer hall here….

At 7:30 pm, one took a cycle rickshaw to Banke Bihari temple…What an ambience….It is as if one is entering the Durbar of the Emperor of immortality….There he stands, Banke Bihari, Krishna, right in the middle of open pedestal, and every one in the large temple can view him…The devotees are raising Jai-Jai-kara resonance, like as if there is a rain of sixes in a cricket match…

Dinner, Prasada, at the RK Mission was simple and special. Rotis, Dal and mixed Veg curry. And Brindavan milk…

RK Mission has been in Brindavan for a hundred years now. They had their centenary celebrations last week.  (Indeed Brindavana was very special to Sri Ramakrishna…He used to say that the very dust of Brindavana was Divine, indeed Brahman itself….He took a sapling from here to plant in Dakshineshwar….)

At Brindavan, RK Mission has a nice hospital. With a hundred fifty beds or more….Thirty doctors residing in campus…Serves one and all in Brindavana…This is the concretization of Swami Vivekananda’s ideals….

Lovely campus…Lots of peacocks…And monkeys….

“Beware of monkeys”, we were told….”They are trained by unscrupulous elements to snatch your spectacles….You  just cannot be too careful…Best is for you to not wear your specs unless you are inside a building…”

With the throaty cries of peacocks bringing music in the night, one slipped into the land of nod.

Saturday, morning 5:30 am, saw us in the same Rickshaw, going down to the ghats of Yamuna river….Hints of sunrise in the pre-dawn sky. Little shrines, by the ghatside were open….As we tried to figure out a good place to have a dip, a boatman came and offered to take us to the other side….and so we went….

The other side was ideal…It wasnt very deep, and the incline was gradual. The flow of the river was gentle but firm (like a mother pushing a child in a swing)…

It was sheer joy bathing in the river…Soon the Sun came up…..

Here is a picture of sunrise, above the Yamuna, by the ghats of Brindavana…Blue river, blue sky, Krishna land…

Sunrise at Brindavan


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