Akshaya Triteeya…the Gold call…

Got a mail from my bank that they are having special ‘sale’ of Gold coins on ‘Akshaya Triteeya’ day. All ‘swiss certified’ etc….

My bank is not an exception…almost all banks seem to be having Akshaya Triteeya ‘Gold’ sales….Looks like, on this day, banks take a break from day-books/vouchers/ scrolls/ledgers / cash dispensing and such other mundane activities, and become shops of Gold.

Banks, Jewelry shops….Pick up any newspaper…See the huge hoardings in the city skyline….talk to anybody….there is but one Mantra…Buy ‘Gold’…

Almost makes one feel that one would be committing a folly, if not outright sin, by not buying the yellow metal on this day…Great market making, and it works! Sales goes through the roof, one reads…

Gold apart, what is Akshaya Triteeya?

Akshay Thriteeya, the third day of the bright fortnight of the lunar month of Vaisakha,  is considered a great day for starting anything…

It marks the commencement of Satya (a.k.a Krita) and Treta Yuga…

The day is considered sacred to Lord Vishnu.

The Badrinatha temple, that is kept closed for six months of winter, is reopened today.

Today Brindavan will be super-crowded…..the feet of Banke Bihari idol is displayed only on this day (kept covered rest of the year)…in most Vishnu temples, there will be chandana alankara….

In Simhacalam (a great Narsimha temple…Vizag, AP) the Varaha-Narsimha is so ugra that the idol is kept covered with layers of Chandanam throughout the year. On Akshaya Tritheeya alone, the chandana coverings are removed…function starts at 2 am….People can see the bare vigraha from morning till evening this day…then it is covered with chandanam again for the rest of the year….there is a great rush this day…

In Udupi Sri Krishna temple, worship is offered to Akshaya Patra today…that is the vessel of inexhaustible food that Draupadi used during forest exile of Pandavas in Mahabharata…

This day also is the birthday of the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu – Parasurama….

So net-net: The belief is that it is a day of good-beginnings…Start a project…join a new job….do griha pravesam…do upanayanams…etc etc…Offer chandana abhisheka to Salagrama or idols of Vishnu….Do Daan(am)s….

As regards Gold….I guess the idea is that gold signifies Maha Lakshmi…and so to please Lord Vishnu, you bring Lakshmi home….

But then Srimad Bhagavata says that Gold is also the abode of Kali Purusa – the tormenting personification of Kali Yuga….So Gold cuts both ways….

But Marketing, after all, has made Trivikrama strides in Kali Yuga 🙂 …So, riding on Kali, they have all the universe covered…

And so, like Mahabali, best is that you kneel, and let them step on your head and purse, and make you buy Gold!


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  1. Ashok Says:

    When we look at it deeply, Companies tend to have a history embracing, co-opting and in some cases inventing festivals for purely commercial purposes.

    A few more examples –
    Aadi Thallubadi = where people indulge in an orgy of buying when they arent actually supposed to buy anything as per the original tradition

    Father’s Day, mother’s day, Brother’s day, “onnu-vutta-cousin day” etc – promoted by Greeting card and gift companies

    Valentine’s day – need I say more

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