Coming back to college….

The world of internet  has enabled people all over the world to discover and reconnect with their high school and college chums….And the egroups that get formed do have a goldrush kind of process….(of that in some other post…)…

But at some stage, the gang does get together for a major reunion…like my college classmates did, to mark silver jubilee of our completing our graduate degrees….Having studied in a residential institute, we had put in five years of our lives, living in the same campus, twenty five years or more ago….And then we met, after all these years, in the same campus….Heres a shot at a ‘pome’ that tries to ‘say it’, as it happened.

A batch of sixty co-students
            All guys,
Got together again
twenty five years after
And gaped.
The athlete of the college
Had run faster than the clock.
The lean one
Nicknamed ‘stick’
            (Who was rumoured  to have flown away
            That year of the cyclone)
Had put on a hundred kilos.
And the fat one
Had shed a ton of weight.
The Miss World face
Had grown a macho mouche
The bush haired
Had become bald
The old-fashioned, orthodox, spectacled one
Was now dashing, debonair, nude eyed,
Wearing see-through contact lenses.
Fat jowls
Hid the once smoke-sunk-cheeks of one
And a designer beard
The baby-bums face of another.
The roughneck of yore
Looked now, like Gautama
The Buddha.
Time teased
It was not as if they gaped for a long time.
It all happened kind of together,
They gaped, gasped, smiled, spoke…
 And it was when they started speaking
That they hit gold.
I tell you differently.
Eyes didn’t help recognize.
Ears did,
For voices had not changed.
And so, recognize me?
Hello! Hello! Hello!


One Response to “Coming back to college….”

  1. Ashok Says:

    Loved the blogroll entry about “weaving the web too”.

    It is interesting how the ease of creating communities online is starting to have emergent effects on our society. Wonder what it means when people are associated and linked in multiple ways.

    Thanks to Orkut, I am now part of several communities, something which would have been cumbersome to do in the past. Apart from my college batch, there is the larger university community, the TCSers community, the TCS Trivandrum batch (T-19) community, the independent amateur musicans community, Hindu cryptic crossword lovers community. The adage of the past used to be “Being in touch is tough”. Wonder is the opposite is true nowadays..once one is in orkut or facebook or linkedin or myspace or any other social network, getting out of touch will require the cable model wire to be pulled 🙂

    Amartya Sen in fact believes (in Identity and Violence: The Illusion of destiny) that this phenomenon of multiple identities and associations is a powerful antidote against single identity based violence and discrimination. Let us hope he got this one right

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