When the Sun is your dial…

Sometime in the 1920s, a young boy from a village in South India, landed up in Delhi and made it his home. Being one of the first ‘Madrasees’ of Delhi, his was an extended family that was a kind of first-stop guest-house / waiting-room, for any number of acquaintances dropping in from South India for whatever reason. His own family was nice and large, three sons and six daughters…Working for the Government, he went on to become Deputy Comptroller and Auditor General, and retired sometime around 1960…

Before he retired he bought a Rolex watch.

That and his Navaratna ring were on his hand every day, as long as he lived. The ring went to his youngest son…

This post is about the watch. 

His eldest son’s son (let us call him ‘Ram’), who did inherit some of the ambition and drive of his grandfather, has worked his way up in life ( and is high and climbing still), has changed several jobs, seen many continents….Drives a beauty of a Toyota….

For many years now, Ram’s mind has been recalling his granddad’s Rolex and he started making discreet enquiries….Some years ago, he came to know that it was with one of his Uncles, who was in USA. Ram, during his many trips to US, met up with his uncle and made several attempts to acquire that watch. But the Uncle, for his own good reasons, was unwilling to part with it, for love or for money….’It is my family heirloom’, he said and didnt even bring out the watch from whatever safe he had locked it in…

It may be mentioned that Ram never wore a watch. For some reason, any wrist-watch that he wore, stopped working….He has no idea why….And so he never wore a wrist watch…

But the Rolex in his mind clicked on….

As destiny would have it, his boss (in his current job) recently bought a nice expensive watch when he went to Singapore….He is a man of taste and does this kind of thing often… 

Last month Ram went to USA….In the stopover at Dubai, he paused at a duty-free shop at the airport….Looking at the display of high-class watches, he spotted a Rolex that was the very same model as the one his Granddad had had….He tried it on….It felt perfect…He asked the shopman to pack it…The shopman wasnt sure he had heard it right, and looked up unsurely at this ‘Indian’….’It is 16000 Dirhams Sir’, he said, which is a few hundred thousand Indian rupees….’Yeah, that’s fine’ said Ram, and gave his credit-card, rather like the Maharaja of yore who went to London and bought a Rolls Royce when he went out shopping one evening….

Ram walked out of that shop wearing his Rolex…

Ram’s wrist has found it’s watch. This one has been working just fine….

When he was back after his trip, his boss jumped out of his skin when he noticed Ram wearing that watch….He just dropped whatever official stuff that they were discussing, recovered his poise, and heartily complemented Ram on his peice of Sun….For a while the two of them left the gravitational pull of work and business, and simply space walked….

 There are a few things that are beyond time….


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  1. Ashok Says:

    Read this interesting bit of trivia on wikipedia. Rolex’ founder Hans Wilsdorf even went so far as to have a specially made Rolex watch attached to the side of the Trieste bathyscaphe, which went to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. The watch survived and tested as having kept perfect time during its descent and ascent. This was confirmed by a telegram sent to Rolex the following day saying “Am happy to confirm that even at 11,000 metres your watch is as precise as on the surface. Best regards, Jacques Piccard”.

    And about the fascinating Mariana Trench dives

  2. astroshiva Says:

    There are a few things that are beyond time. How true! I must say that it was the perfect way to end that story. It was a very interesting peice of writing. The human desires goes beyond just aquiring the things. The satisfaction lies in having done with the process of aquiring certain things.

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