The Venus View

I really have to lose
some weight,
she says;

and he replies
you dont have to.

no, i really do,
just look at my arms
so thick
she says, making
a face;

no, says he,
you are in fact thin
slim as a stick.

naah, you lie,
you always lie,
you are a liar, says she;


my thighs are so fat,
        I know I have been overeating,
says she
her eyes closing that conversation;

He will be turning fifty soon
but is still no wiser;
‘what is it about women’,
he wonders,
as he listens to his niece

who just turned eleven.


2 Responses to “The Venus View”

  1. श्रीनिवासकृष्णन Says:

    यह तो बडी अच्छी कविता है। अगर ‘what is it about these women’ के बजाय ‘what is it about women’ होता तो मेरे लिये अौर अच्छा रहता।फिर भी जैसे है, वैसे ही अच्छा ही लगता है।

  2. gkamesh Says:


    agreed…agreed….done….thanks for the suggestion….gkamesh

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