Morning after in Mars

The phone rang
And lightning struck.

It was a whiplash
From Venus.

“How dare you…”
she began…

and “Dont you dare….”
she ended,

I hate this Net.

Can’t keep no secrets
in the solar system no more.

4 Responses to “Morning after in Mars”

  1. श्रीनिवासकृष्णन Says:

    Nice poem. In the US, kids say Net or Online. They rarely say Internet. That’s kind of a grown up word used by laymen, TV news readers, politicians etc. It’s a formal word. Grown ups who are familiar with the Net tend to say Net or the Web.

    Wonder how it’s in India. Also, if I may suggest alternate wordings:

    Can’t keep no secrets … no more OR Can’t keep secrets … any more

  2. srinilakshmi Says:

    I was wondering if the line ‘I hate this Net’ were the last line … would the effect not be more?

  3. astroshiva Says:

    Nice poem! This one and the previous one. You seem to be quite obsessed with the celestial bodies, like venus,mars, sun… What next?

  4. gkamesh Says:


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