Life Science

She is a few years
Past seventy.

Which is a whole lot less
Than being a few years
Past eighty…

She is battle worthy still
And has just returned
From her latest war of health.

Her knee
Had been bad trouble
For a few years now
The consulting specialist
Was quite incisive
In his prescription;

Clean and quick.
“We’ll replace it” he said;

“I do 365 knee replacements
Every year” he smiled,
Making it sound
Like a walk in the park
Painless and free.

She went under the lance.

But of course it cost a fortune,
And she is in no little pain
As she struggles, hobbles around
And, by the way,
She damn near died too
The day after the surgery
When her oxygen levels dived
And little angels came,
To try and take her away.

But she is back
From the other zone
And the money on surgery
Has been well spent.

Her crutches
Bear no grudge.

She has emerged fresher
From the fight
And sure feels younger
By more than a few years.

She is indeed happy
To have had a change
To have gotten
A fresh page to write,
A new phase to fight
A new knee
With a new kind of pain.


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