Old Boys Meet

The truth be told
We did not mourn.

Half a dozen of us
Classmates old
Met over beer
And fruit juice
And we dissected kebabs
And gobi Manchurian
Traded old jokes
Trashed other folks
Who weren’t there
(They wouldn’t mind
They’d have done the same)
We jabbered
Like a party of gibbons
And somewhere in-between
We even spoke
About our classmate
Who died a few days ago
The other side of the earth.

Cancer killed him.

We didn’t mourn.

In the two hours
That we met
We must have spoken
Maybe ten minutes about him
Voices lowered
Senses pulled back in
Eyes becoming slits…

It ain’t so easy to speak
When you are partly dead.


3 Responses to “Old Boys Meet”

  1. LNS Says:

    Good poem.

  2. krishashok Says:

    Asimov once wrote a brilliant short story, whose name I fail to recall, about the relativistic nature of time itself. It was set in a planet chanced upon by late 30th century humans. The existing sentient life on that planet was clearly different in nature from sentient life on earth. But in what a unique way..a difference dimension I had never imagined before. The alien lifeform lived 2 nanoseconds on an average. They were, from a limited Human perspective, extremely short lived, but they achieved a lot, built cities (in microseconds), built civilizations (perhaps lasting 5 seconds or so). What the first human explorers see is nothing more than a constantly shifting haze, which made sense only when they saw them through an advanced high speed camera.

    Anyway, long story short. That story kind of put the individual importance of my life in the context of this rich universe in good perspective.

  3. gkamesh Says:


    I saw a program on a species of butterflies in Himalayas – which lives for a few hours – and does all that it does in that time – and the sight of the swarm flying is fantastic….

    or the ‘Eeshal’ insects of Chennai for that matter…the ones that invade your house – all in a life time of a day maybe…


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