Whats up nowadays

Time was
When God was male
And heaven was above.

Time was
When we looked up
For answers.

Not any more.

Eyes down
I look below
To my Guru
Seeking wisdom
To help choose
My next mobile
Handheld device…

(Used to be known
as a cell phone
the last time around)

My Guru smiles
That superior smile
And mouths Mantras…

3G, she says,
A2DB she says
RSS feeds, she says…
And says more
Smiles mystically
As I stare open-mouthed
At her,
My daughter
My Guru…


4 Responses to “Whats up nowadays”

  1. Srinivasa Says:

    > My teenage daughter
    > My Guru…

    Just till July 1, if my memory serves me right. But if she stops being a teenager, does she stop being a Guru? Possibly not. How about ‘My daughter, my Guru’ ?

  2. gkamesh Says:

    Hey thanks…i agree..done…

  3. Mahendra Says:

    So thats a blog. Was wondering what that term meant. Appears to be good fun. This poem is quite nice. If the well does not come to Mohammad then Mohammad has to go to the well. Knowledge is where it is. You want it, you go there, or do without it. Why resent that certain segments of knowledge are accumulating elsewhere. Time disrupts a lot of long held beliefs.

  4. lovely world Says:

    that was a good one!!

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