He still hides behind his eyelids

They interrupt
My walk and reverie;
Its night time
And I can’t quite see them clearly;
These two strange men
Who thrust a camera at me,
And it seems to me that they ask me
If they could take my photograph
Against the backdrop of the sea;
Smelling a rat
And suspecting the devil,
I decline politely,
Prepare to walk on briskly,
Wondering what this new racket is,
Perhaps it is a Polaroid,
And they would dunk a fat bill
Enclosed alongside the photograph
Of me looking silly
In darkness;
Mistrust writ large on my forehead.

It is then that it dawns on me
That maybe I have misunderstood;
And it turns out I was;
These are not two strange men;
These are two lads
On vacation
Who want to me to photograph them
And not the other way around;
They would love a snap by the seaside,
Coming as they do
From upcountry dry heartland
Which incidentally happens to be the place
Where I was born
And spent most of my childhood;

I am all smiles and courtesy,
I am Santa Claus
And these are two kids
Perched on my lap;
I Ho Ho Ho,
And grant their wish,
I wish them luck
And eternal happiness;
I am the very picture of Love.

I am still learning.


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  2. gkamesh Says:

    thanks…two-two-zaa not …

  3. vaishnavi Says:

    that was wonderful!

  4. GJV Says:

    good title

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