Songs of silence

Theirs is a different clock,
Whose morning alarm
Rings late afternoon
or later still.

Awake, alert,
When much of the world sleeps.
They retire,
When the first birds rise and sing.

They switch off the rising Sun
Before the attack of dawn,
And pulling off a patch of nightsky,
They wrap it around as a nightgown
And curl into the folds of the land of nod.

It is not that they hate the day,
(thats a different topic, any way)
It is just
That they love the night.

It is in night’s mirror
That they see themselves best.

It is the night air
That they like to breathe
Like to touch.

It is the night’s stillness
That  comes to them
As Cinderella’s shoes.

And yes…

It is in the aloneness of the night
In the hush of their hearts
They hear their lover’s call…


3 Responses to “Songs of silence”

  1. ramanamayi Says:

    this beautiful poem is begging for more verses of itself to be written, or so it seems to me …

  2. Srinivasa Says:

    Tantalizing, don’t know what the subject is. But does read well.

    couple typos: ‘theirs’, “lovers'”

  3. gkamesh Says:


    The lover is the One. So the apostrophe.


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