Centre court in Chennai

Nothing different about today evening as I set out for my walk. Sky was clear barring a few white clouds. But there was a lil nip in the air.
In twenty five minutes the skyscape had changed. Like a movement of Kaurava army, black clouds, silently, suddenly, swiftly moved into every open position, surrounding all of the land. But they held their fire.
Yes, there were the sporadic shots, as lightning cracked the horizon, now here, now there…but no real thunder to “hear” about…One did spot an occasional aircraft, and wondered….And then like a prelim attack, a slow but steady volley of rain made its way to land…Nothing to worry…Got a bit wet….But yes, it was like a slow canter of a few thousand horses, across a hundred acre tract of land…
And then, after 8 pm – when night had set in well and true – they started the real assault. Lightnings tearing up the sky, and thunders resounding for long many seconds….The air assault has begun.
We are thankfully in our bunkers, and somehow they havent got the power and communications systems yet – and so am able to send this mail, even as the shots are getting louder, nearer…more insistant, impatient….
There is a low long grumble, as unseen canons rip the sky from end to end.
Indra and Varuna are warming up to play.
Love all…

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