Swatantrata Divas – Sarvajit year…

Its that date again. August 15th. India’s independence day. Sixtieth anniversery.


The year of name Sarvajit. The same year that India won independence, as per the Indian sixty-year calendar cycle.

And on this occasion, I attempt a free translation of that great patriotic song sung by Lata Mangeshkar…The one that brought tears to Pandit Nehru’s eyes…

 ai mere vatan ke logo.n
 tum khuub lagaa lo naaraa
 ye shubh din hai ham sab kaa
 laharaa lo tira.ngaa pyaaraa
 par mat bhuulo siimaa par
 viiro.n ne hai praaN ga.Nvaae
 kuchh yaad unhe.n bhii kar lo (2)
 jo lauT ke ghar naa aaye (2)

Oh people of my motherland
Proclaim aloud your slogans grand
Unfurl the beloved of colors three
For this day for us is (indeed) holy!

But forget not the border strife
Where many a hero has lost his life
Do spend a moment, remembering them too
Who came not home after fighting for me and you

 ai mere vatan ke logo.n
 zaraa aa.Nkh me.n bhar lo paanii
 jo shahiid hue hai.n unakii
 zaraa yaad karo qurabaanii

Oh people of my motherland
Let your eyes have a tryst with your tear gland
Remember the sacrifice, oh so great
Of all the martyrs of our nation state.

 jab ghaayal huaa himaalay
 khatare me.n pa.Dii aazaadii
 jab tak thii saa.Ns la.De vo
 phir apanii laash bichhaa dii
 sa.ngiin pe dhar kar maathaa
 so gaye amar balidaanii 

When Himalayas was attacked and hurt
When our freedom was under red alert,
These soldiers fought till their very last breath
And then laid their bodies into the arms of death
With their heads resting on bayonet edge
They sleep forever having kept the highest pledge.

 jab desh me.n thii dIvaalii
 vo khel rahe the holI
 jab ham baiThe the gharo.n me.n
 vo jhel rahe the golii
 kyaa log the vo dIvaane
 kyaa log the vo abhimaanii

When the nation was enjoying Diwali
They were spraying red, playing Holi,
When we were at home, comfy and safe
They faced bullets and aerial strafe
What madness was it they had
With what pride indeed were they clad?

 koii sikh koI jaaT maraaThaa
 koii gurakhaa koI madaraasii
 sarahad pe maranevaalaa
 har viir thaa bhaaratavaasii
 jo khuun giraa parvat par
 vo khuun thaa hi.ndustaanii

Maybe a sikh, a jaat, a maraathaa
A Gurkhaa, or a Tamizh Veeraa
He who fell a prey to the enemy’s gun
Each was a hero, Indian, each one,
That blood that was spilled on the mountain
That blood was ours, ‘twas Indian.

 thii khuun se lath-path kaayaa
 phir bhii banduuk uThaake
 das-das ko ek ne maaraa
 phir gir gaye hosh ga.Nvaa ke
 jab ant\-samay aayaa to
 kah gaye ke ab marate hai.n
 khush rahanaa desh ke pyaaro.n
 ab ham to safar karate hai.n
 the dhanya javaan vo aapane
 thii dhanya vo unakii javaanii 

Even when injured, with a blood bathed body,
He lifted his weapon, fired volley after volley,
Each soldier killed ten-ten of enemy
Then fell, having done the highest duty;

And when the final moment was nigh,
He said, “Time has come for me to die,
Live happily, O loved ones of my land,
I need to go now, to a higher command!”

Oh, blessed were those soldiers of our country,
Blessed their life, their great gallantry…

 jay hind, jay hind kii senaa (2)
 jay hind, jay hind, jay hind 


This is Sarvajit year. Sarvajit means “all conquering”. Jai Hind!


11 Responses to “Swatantrata Divas – Sarvajit year…”

  1. bala Says:

    haunting song.. Great choice for the occasion…

  2. Sri Says:

    A fitting tribute – a tear I do get whenever I hear the song! Sunthe Raho, Jeethe Raho, Yaadh karthe Raho! Jai Hind!

  3. GJV Says:

    you got the song

  4. Srinivasa Says:

    I think by ‘madaraasii”, all South Indians are meant. I think the ‘Madras’ here denotes the old Madras Presidency and the Princely States in the South such as Travancore, Mysore, Hyderabad.

    Anyway I never liked this song – too lachrymose for my taste 🙂 In any case this song may not have much to do with August 15, being a dirge on the China War of 1962

  5. gkamesh Says:

    as i said…its a free translation…

    and i guess aug 15 symbolizes the independence that was defended in 62, or 65 etc…

    and if you prefer a different taste, try ‘bari barsi khatan gaya si khat ke lehyanda lassi’… 🙂

  6. Srinivasa Says:

    Has Lataji rendered it?

  7. krishashok Says:

    Beautifully translated. Here is the video:

  8. krishashok Says:

    Sorry. That was “Ae Mere pyaare watan”. Here is the audio link to the Lata rendition of this song.

  9. gkamesh Says:

    ae mere pyaare watan is a great song…the haunting voice of the Kabuliwala….tx for the link…

  10. Smitha Says:

    Excellent translation ! The effort at maintaining rhyme and meter makes great reading !

  11. gkamesh Says:

    Thanks Smitha.

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