The call of Ganga – 6

And to conclude this yatra report, here are a few thousand words.

The first two thousand, are “before-and-after” pictures of my fellow yatrees, Venkat, Marwadi and Ramay.


Below, is a long shot of Braj Ghat, as seen from somewhere in the middle of the river.

 And heres a picture of the thatch shelters on the river bank….


Time was well past noon when we disembarked and clambered up the steps of Braj Ghat.

Walking back through the throng of pilgrims, our minds’ haze was being pulled down by the insistent call of hunger. None of us were too keen to try the roadside eateries. Someone had put up a tent of sorts and was conducting a ‘bhandara’ – distributing food for free…The place was quite crowded, and our minds, sanitized by city-dettol-hygiene was not quite upto accepting the ambience.

Facing the main highway were several Ashrams. One of them, had a board that said “Paramanand Dham”. Here is a picture.


(Pl note one of our cousins sitting on the ledge, right side, below the ‘Om’ symbol)…

Hard to notice?

Well here is the fellow, down on the ground, outside the Ashram gate.

We walked in and found that they were serving lunch…Pilgrims were welcome. So we accepted that welcome and had a sumptuous lunch of Poories, Aloo and some other veg. A Sanyasi in ochre was in charge of the place. After we had had our lunch, he enquired about us, and shared a few pleasentries. He told us that we were welcome to come there every time we came to Gharmukteshwar.

And on that note, we went back to the cab.

As the car took off down the highway, Ramay commenced chanting Sri Rudra Prashna –

“Sri Gurubhyo Nama: ! Hari: Om! Om Namo Bhagawate Rudraaya! Namaste Rudra Manyava…”



5 Responses to “The call of Ganga – 6”

  1. Srinivasa Says:

    Very nice pictures – Ramey looks alluring in Govinda color 🙂

  2. ramanamayi Says:

    Great pics! The before and after shots really do say it all (though I enjoyed all the other details ;-)). What are those little cords running up over Venkat and Marwadi’s, looking a bit like ipod earbud cords tossed away over their shoulders in a gesture of abandon?

  3. gkamesh Says:


    The cords are called yagyopaveeta…a string worn after a boy is initiated with Brahmopadesa…when he is supposed to commence Vedic learning in a gurukula…Interesting that you mentioned iPod ear cords…For Vedas are known as Shruti – “that which is learnt by hearing” (not by reading)…and yes, now that such learning is extremely rare, one might as well say that the “shruti” has been taken off the ear, and thrown over the shoulder – in a gesture of abandon!

    Best Regards

  4. ramanamayi Says:

    Thanks for the explanation! A very small person by my side wants to know if the monkey in front of the Om symbol is meditating.

  5. gkamesh Says:

    Yes. Meditating about bananas!

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