Its an Ad, ad, ad world…

One of the enduring memories I have of tongas in old time Delhi is the blinkers that the horses wore. Also called ‘blinders’, these help the horses to look straight ahead, and be blind to peripheral distractions.

Now that’s real horse sense. Something we humans could do with – what with all the ‘mindgrab’ that the world attempts to do.

Drive down any  decent stretch of road in any of the metros. What do you see (other than the traffic)? Hoardings, hoardings and more hoardings, of all sizes. It is an all out assault on the senses. And in Chennai, for instance, the scale is colossal. You cant lift your eyes without it being taken by some advertisement or the other. Politicians take the cake. They are all over. Then the commercial adverts – with titillating models displaying their wares. If you think that you can somehow escape by exercising iron will over  your eyes, and not allow it to turn left or right, you are wrong. In the median divider in the middle of the road,  you may well be subjected to an endless row of advertisement signs, an Ad every ten or fifteen feet. Timed to perfection, one advert per one blink of your eyes in a moving car. Slam, slam, slam…it just goes on and on – there is no escape.

Same is the case with TV. You cant see a decent cricket match without offering yourself as a sacrificial victim at the altar of commerce. Ads, ads, all the time. Between the overs, and during the overs too. When a fellow scores a boundary, or a fifty or a hundred, or when a wicket falls, or during water breaks…Just imagine having to put up with the same Ad over and over again…For eg, this ad of some email website, which shows a man clad in just his underwear running out into the streets screaming his “yoooooreka” joy about the website…or that one by a cell phone company that demonstrates how slim their phones are, by showing a man and a woman slashing each others clothes with the cell phone in a fence fight of sorts….

And then they sms ads to your cell phones. And hound you with calls….”Mr Defenseless! You have been selected to receive our Gold Card, free of charge…”

Neigh! Neigh! Neigh!

8 Responses to “Its an Ad, ad, ad world…”

  1. Srinivasa Says:

    So what do you suggest?

  2. gkamesh Says:

    Develop mental blinkers…

  3. Srinivasa Says:

    I think all employers must re-jig their firewall s/w so that when an employee opens the Internet browser, the User should be taken straight to the Company website. Hopefully if we have the (bald and bespectacled) CEO staring benevolently at the employee, we will have the appropriate mental and physical blinker effect.

    The same holds for personal machines, cell phones etc. They should be rejigged to show parents, spouse, religious preceptor staring out from the screen at these people who show the slightest sign of being led astray by ads. So a Sai Baba disciple or a Ramakrishna disciple or any other disciple of other godmen, formal or informal, can not surf other godmen’s websites. Once you’re born, your surfing pattern is fixed.

    We can then be on the road to our own e-Nirvana with personalized e-blinkers.

  4. gkamesh Says:

    You seem to be wearing the opposite of blinkers…Seeing what is not anywhere in the line of sight!

    May a billion ads bloom in your haze of hallucinations…

  5. Srinivasa Says:

    You can’t wear blinkers … you can’t bve in a haze of hallucaination; you just have to actively ignore all diversions. That doesn;t mean you ignore all ads … there might be an aesthetic pleasing ad every now and then. You have to have the sensibilities to appreciate that.

  6. gkamesh Says:


    there u go again…the poinr was not about whether ads are aesthetically pleasing or otherwise. The post was that there is too much of ads, ‘ads to the right of them, ads to the left of them, ads to the front of them volleyed and thundered…”…Even if all the ads were great, how much chocolate can u have per minute every minute of every hour.

  7. Srinivasa Says:

    Just because there is lot of chocolate and kids are eating lot of it, you can’t deplore chocolate. Anyway that wasn’t the point.

    The post read in part very much like a reader letter often seen in ‘The HINDU’ usually titled ‘Mosquito Menace in Mambalam’. Such letters usually end with a plaintive “Will the concerned authorities do something about this”?

    Ha ha

  8. gkamesh Says:

    You win…I resign….

    (reaching for my odomos, lighting tortoise mosquito coil, and switching on ‘All Out’ mosquito repellent mat as I hit ‘Submit Comment’)

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