Cricket Is…. (1)

Twenty-twenty cricket has arrived with a rain of sixes.

Ravi Shastry called this version “mickey mouse”, compared to the orthodox world of Test Cricket. But then he was quick to admit that it was one helluva entertaining mouse, a “big bandicoot”!

What a lot of change the game has undergone since the times when it was a genteel sport of pucca sahibs!

Sure its a lot of fun now, but cricket of old had its magic too…

So here’s a shot at a “Cricket is…” series, along the lines of “Love is…”

Cricket is Bishen Bedi bowling maiden over after maiden over, sans end….

Cricket is Sunil Gavaskar opening his score with a first ball four off the fast bowler’s loosener.

Cricket is Sunil Gavaskar raising his bat high over his shoulders, ball after ball, to let go the ball ‘just outside the offstump’.

Cricket is Sunil Gavaskar and Eknath Solkar holding the innings together, after half the side has gone for 75 runs…

Cricket is Eknath Solkar crouching at forward short leg….

Cricket is Eknath Solkar suddenly flying into the TV screen from forward short leg, and catching Tony Greig’s defensive shot, straight off the bat…

Cricket is Venkataraghavan taking a real sharp catch, standing at gully.

Cricket is Abid Ali running in diagonally to bowl nice medium pace…

Cricket is Salim Durrani scoring a six…

Cricket is GR Vishwanath, off the front foot,  square cutting a fast bowler for a sizzling four…

Cricket is Sandhu castling Gordon Greenidge with his in swinger in the 1983 World Cup finals…

Cricket is Kapil Dev running back, looking up over his shoulder, and taking Vivian Richard’s catch in the 1983 World Cup finals….

                                                   ……The series goes on……

How about you folks adding more ?


9 Responses to “Cricket Is…. (1)”

  1. Ottayan Says:

    Cricket is… Sreesanth celeberating Haydens wicket by playing the jungle drums on the wicket.

  2. jaipal Says:

    Cricket was, listening to a running commentary on AIR.
    Cricket is admiring Mandira Bedi’s insight into the game while sipping beer, and waiting for the one day game to start on a Friday evening.

  3. gkamesh Says:


    there is more to Mandira than her insight…she used to bring much cheer to all esp on the days when India was drubbed!

    As someone said – “Apna tho ek hi mantra – mandir, madira aur mandira”

  4. v shankar Says:

    Cricket is ( in Ranji) Gavaskar & Mankad groping for the floater from Bishen Bedi

    Cricket is Hemant Kanitkar letting go off the ball thorugh his legs (while on his knees)

    Cricket is Parthasarathy Sharma ( while taking a short run) crossing the crease with bats raised. Pictured in The Hindu.

    Cricket is Srikkant kneeling and sending the ball scorching through the covers in his breif innings of 37 in 1983 final.

    Cricket is EAS Prasanna floating the ball only as he can.

    Cricket is Sidhu & Tendlia taking toll of Shane warne in Chennai Test.

    Test Cricket is when Pakistan team went on a lap to thank the Chennai crowd for their exemplary support and spirit.

    No T20 can match Tendulkar bashing the aussies in Sharjah which prompted Steve waugh to say ‘ you can only stand and watch when a batsman plays like this.’

    Cricket is Mohinder Amarnath’s run up to bowl.

    Cricket is listening to radio commentary in a winter afternoon, sitting in a in a charpai and having moongfali’s with chilka stewn all around.

    Beete hue din woh haye pyaare palchin.

    But T20 apne bete ke saath dekhne me bhi mazaa aata hai.

  5. krishashok Says:

    Cricket is a sophisticated, gentleman’s game whose world cup is played once in 4 years and won by Australia

  6. gkamesh Says:


    Nice irony.

    Guess it never was a gentleman’s game. Bodyline series, Ashes…Long live OZ.

  7. M A Prasad Says:

    I used to enjoy cricket commentary in Tamil very much — “Migavum sariyana alavil veesapatta pandhu – adhai thaduthu niruthi adinar – aanal run ethum kidaikavillai ….”

  8. gkamesh Says:

    prasad…”avar mattaiyaala pateer enru aditthaar…”

  9. sidasokan Says:

    Cricket is Shane Warne taking his shirt off to get Tendulkar to sign it! (This is the only pro India Cricket comment i’ve made in public!!)

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