The mirror crack’d from side to side

Earthquake shook the capital, New Delhi, early hours of today.

Spoke to my brother who stays at JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru Univ) who told me that the quake was pretty severe. Their home really shook. This was sometime around 4:30 AM or so. His immediate thoughts were “OMG! This one is probably around 4 on richter scale if the centre is anywhere near Delhi, and I hope that is so. For if the epicentre is farther away, then the quake is far more severe, and that would have caused a catastrophy somewhere…”.

Turns out that the centre was near Delhi, in the Delhi-Haryana border (and it was some 4.3 or so on the Richter). So the damage was not much.

The other thing that he told me about was the peacocks. (JNU campus has a reasonable population of peacocks. You can always spot a few strolling around, and early morning throaty cries is the music-alarm that folks get up to.). He told me that, immediately after the quake, it sounded as if all the peacocks of the campus were crying together. A real long, repeated, chorus of a morning-alarm. Animal sense is something else. One recalls that during the Tsunami, when the sea receded at first, the animals could sense some doom, and ran away from the shore. Animals sure are far wiser to signs of nature than men.

I remember the last time an earthquake struck Chennai. I had just completed my puja and was bowing down in ‘namaskara’, my head touching the ground, when the earth shook! Were Gods angry? đŸ™‚ …For a sub-second I thought that I had been struck by some vertigo, dizziness. But then I realized that I was ok and that this has to be a quake. And Chennai is not even in the seismological-risk zones at all. There never had been a quake like that before. Sure was a surprise.

Nature has been sending some calling cards. The quakes, tsunamis, cyclones…And these are but the effects of the twitch of the eyebrows of mother earth. A cough of disapproval. Thats all. And even that is enough to cause enormous damage…What then if Mother Earth gave us a gentle slap?

The way we humans are going about plundering and polluting the earth, one of these days, she may do just that. And then, as the saying goes, there will be none.

Maybe the animals will survive. For the curse is not upon them.


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  1. ramey Says:

    have u ever observed that any such catastrophe happens only in the last week of the month… more on the 26th…. Gujarat tremors, tsunami etc…

  2. Srinivasa Says:


    This explains a lot of things. I got married on the 26th.


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