If you cant beat them, buy them

Some years ago, in one of the houses in my neighborhood, it started raining stones. Honest! One evening, I got a call saying – “hey, can you please come over? We could do with some help. Something weird is happening in our house…” etc, and when I landed up there, sure enough it was a  theatre of the bizarre. At the back of their house, every once in a while, stones came crashing down from the sky. We kept watch, trying to figure out where on earth this was coming from, but were quite clueless at the end of the day.  

Next evening, the rain commenced again. This time I went to their terrace, and kept watch, like a hunter from a treetop ‘machan’. Others took other vantage points. This was the house of a high (retired) Government official. So, cops were on hand too. But that didn’t deter the stones. They came like ‘spit and curse’ of celestials, from nowhere, suddenly falling from the sky…No fixed frequency. Once in five or ten minutes, sometimes after a gap of half an hour, “crash”…

All sorts of speculations were tabled. Some said that this could be black magic. One of the housemaids had separated from her husband. Now that fellow, was rumored to be a practitioner in occult stuff. So, this housemaid was questioned. She threw a fit, screamed like one possessed, and added to the problem. Someone else from the neighborhood came dragging a youth – and handed him over to the cops, saying that the fellow was moving around suspiciously, and may well have been throwing the stones. The cops immediately worked on him, but couldn’t extract a confession. It became obvious that he had no idea about the goings-on, and that demeanor of suspiciousness that he wore was the natural-look that God had gifted him with.

The second day too ended clueless.

The third day, experts in occult etc were consulted. Many concerned people, from far and near, shared their war stories. Turned out that every one had some crazy banshee real-life experience, and offered expert advice for free. Come evening, cops came, and the rain started on schedule.

Some one hour into the rain, they caught the cloud!

It was a housemaid of the house next to theirs. This girl (in her late teens) was caught red-handed. She had been expertly threw stones without anyone noticing. She had been somewhere around all the time, but no one had seen her doing the act. She had all along acted like one trying to help from the other side of the wall, as one of the watchers, saying that stones were falling over there as well. She was the hound disguised as the hare! She slipped once, and they caught her, stones in hand. Turned out that she had been paid by someone to create a nuisance here. Well, the cops questioned her, warned her, and let her go. That was that, chapter over.

That was some years ago. The house that was stoned, has since been demolished, and a set of flats has come up there. This got done just a month or so ago, and the original folks moved in to one of the flats. They had invited us to visit them. And imagine my surprise. That maid from their next door, the perpetrator of the stone-shower, was now working here as a maid! Working for the people she had stoned!

Well, its not easy getting maids nowadays, and one can’t be very choosy. ‘Better a known  devil than an unknown angel’, and all that.

Explanation was not far to seek. Earlier, she had been working for the competition. Now she was an employee of this house!

Capitalism! Thats the occult that works, any time, every time!

3 Responses to “If you cant beat them, buy them”

  1. Srinivasa Says:

    Why was she paid to pelt the old house with stones, sarji?

  2. gkamesh Says:

    kyaa bataayen sirji

    some sarfira spite turned into paranoia…some old age problems…it was sad really….

  3. GJV Says:

    get stoned or get the stoner

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