Swami Ramanananda, Samadhi – Photo Feature 1

One of the things you would notice if you walked into the spartan room of Swami Ramananda was that the room was full of pictures. Many of which were taken by Swami himself. Yes, Swami Ramanananda loved photography. He loved explaining his pictures. And he himself was very photogenic. He had radiance, presence.

And so, I thought that it would be appropriate if I could do a little photo feature about his Samadhi day – the day his body was interred into the final resting place.

Here goes.


I reached the Ashram at about 11 AM.


Its a nice, warm day. Notice the top of Arunachala in the backdrop of the Ashram above.


I am told that Swamis body has been kept in state in his residence-room. Going past Cow Lakshmi’s samadhi in the back of the Ashram, one reaches the Swamijis room. Small queue of people entering the room. Quiet atmosphere.


Swamiji’s body is seated in Padmasana. He seems completely absorbed in meditation. (In case you are wondering ‘where is Swami in this picture’…thats the person in ‘ochre’ dress).

Notice the pictures in the room, and Mahatma Gandhi’s bust on top of the cupboard. Swamiji had the highest regard for Mahatma.

I am told by his family members that his end was quick. He had been quite fine on the day of Bhagavan’s jayanti, on 25th December. He was his usual happy self, and was seen participating in the pooja and functions. Next day, on 26th, sometime in the evening, he felt uneasy, and within fifteen minutes, he shuffled his mortal coil, and was absorbed in Arunachala. 


I step out of the room.

Heres the view outside Swamijis quarters.


Notice the peacock on the parapet wall.


I walk back to the front of the Ashram, and come to the site that is being prepared for Swami’s samadhi.


It is a pit around 8 feet or so deep. Ground water is oozing from the bottom. A small brick wall is being raised around it. I have the privilege of laying a brick. Sure feel blessed.


                                                     To be contd….



3 Responses to “Swami Ramanananda, Samadhi – Photo Feature 1”

  1. ramanamayi Says:

    Thanks so much for this account.
    I am very glad to know that Swami Ramanananda was so happy and fine right up through Bhagavan’s Jayanthi … relieved he did not suffer before being peacefully absorbed in Arunachala.
    Looking forward very much to the next installment. It is wonderful to hear details such as your description of his love of photography.

  2. Murali Says:

    Honestly everything was bleak and barren. Just couldnot make out the Swami in ochre dress, nor the peacock. neverheless, a good attempt. Try using a flash & better focus next time. ~ Murali, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  3. gkamesh Says:

    Long time.

    Agree with ur comment. Didnt want to do too much of a close up of Swamijis mortal remains…


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