Let them meditate

This happened on 27th Dec too.

A far-seeing CEO called his colleague and gave him the breaking news – he’d just heard  the horrible news that Benazir-B had been shot dead.

The CEO was in a state of shock.   

“How could anyone do this?” he spluttered. “Why is there so much unrest in the minds of people?” he frothed.  And after much fretting, he prescribed “People at large should be taught meditation, pranayama”. His unspoken core-complaint : ‘We cant have arbitrary people going around putting an end to the life of leaders!’

Nothing like the news of a sudden death to unnerve a man of success. Imagine! A life of great worth being stopped cold! Infarc (the insiders word for heart attack), a fell disease, an accident, or whatever. How is a man to be safe?

Fie upon these invisible killers! If only Infarc is ‘man’ enough to come in front, a CEO can pink-slip it, or depute it to some hard country, and empty it’s in-tray. If only ‘accident’ could surface with a fair warning, say in the graph of the Chief Corporate Risk Manager’s weekly report, some mitigating steps could be taken. As such, it is not clear what the Risk Management group is doing to earn its wages.

This brings to mind a question from Yaksha Prashna of Mahabharata…The Yaksha (apparition) asks Yudhisttira: “What is the greatest of all wonders?”

Yudhisttira answers: ” Day after Day, countless creatures die. Yet those, who are left behind, believe themselves to be deathless. What can be more wonderful than this?”

Well perhaps the quote is unfair. It is not that the man thinks he is deathless. But he sure wants life to be long, if not longer. One top-brass corporate honcho once mentioned to me that in the 21st century, we should be able to live upto 125 years, if we can do the right things. And then there is Professor Michael Zey, author of ‘Future Factor’, and consultant to top American companies on future planning. He believes (see here ) that advances in stem cell science, genetic engineering, and nano technology will enable human life-span to increase to 125-150 years by 2050 and by 2075 we will be “on the verge of immortality”.

Which is all very nice and fine, but what do you do if a sniper has a shot at you? What must be done to avoid this.

That was the question that troubled the far-seeing CEO. And his suggestion: ‘Teach the masses to meditate’.

Which is a noble suggestion, and quite literally takes the cake, when compared to the statement of Queen Marie-Antoinette, who, when told that the French populace had no bread to eat, had replied “Let them eat cake”.


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  1. GJV Prasad Says:

    ha ha ha
    meditation is taught to soldiers so that they can kill with a calm mind

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