Living on…

This time around
When death snatched
A person
Oh so close to my heart
I did not lose cheer
And even sang
A lot of old melodies
As I drove back
After consigning
A portion of his ashes
In the holy waters
Where three rivers meet.

The songs
They just kept coming.

He loves music.


2 Responses to “Living on…”

  1. mani Says:

    Dear Kamesh,
    Touches many a deep chord…truly as you once said, death is a joy to those who die; may one add, and great indeed is the love of one who sings for the dead.
    And I read some of your other postings too…I’m alas not at all familiar with Rafi’s song ab kya misaal doon, but your translation is really powerful!

  2. GJV Prasad Says:

    just heard a scholar i respect sing his way through a paper with early rafi and mukesh and of course saigal
    he is from fiji and for fiji indians the film songs along with ramcharitmanas constitute the cartography of their soul
    songs are emotions striving for the silence of understanding

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