A great human

Baba Amte (बाबा आमटे) has passed on.

He was a true Bharat Ratna. A man who became a Gandhian, and was given the title “Abhayasadhak” (The fearless aspirant) by the Mahatma. A man and family who have done so much for leprosy afflicted humans, and for poverty ridden tribals. And continue to do so. A man who,  in his eighties, shifted to the banks of Narmada, to join the “Narmada Bachao Andolan” (Save Narmada movement). A man so fearless that he once permitted bacilli from a leprosy patient to be injected into him as a part of an experiment.  A man, whom the world could not but help acknowledge, and confer numerous awards, all of which he utilized not for his person, but for his cause.

He died on Feb 9, 2008, in Anandvan, one of the Ashrams he created. An Ashram that now houses around 5000 residents – leprosy afflicted and other disadvantaged people.

Nobel Peace prize is poorer, for it was not conferred on him.  

They dont make them like him any more.


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