Zen and the art of buying a car – 1

To buy a car in India in these times is a case study fit for analysis using the rules of Bhagavad Gita. Looking at the formidable array of options, each of which is driven by armed salesmen gunning for you, is to stare in the face of battle, with hope fast turning into deep despair. One almost feels like putting down one’s weapons, and saying “Krishna! Why do I need a new car? Why cant I put up with my old diesel dodderer? Fie on the devil of desire! Fie on vanity! No, I shall not go for a new car!”…

Then the Master would speak: “Be not a nincompoop, my friend, for this does not befit you. Abandon this weak-heartedness and arise! You feel anxious for that which should cause no anxiety! Forge ahead in the road of life! Evaluate your options! Make your choice! Go!”…

It was in this kind of mood, that I managed to lift my head to evaluate options. My four year old Diesel was on its last wheels…suffering variously from cough, arthritis, gas and many more diseases…the fact that almost all of its parts had been transplanted in the last few years didn’t seem to help either…It ran all right…but gave no commitment…

And so a new car it had to be, and I walked into the battlefield.

The choices…I start with a look at sedans…First stop Maruti…Want to look at the new SX4…”Men! They are back!” scream three pretty girls in the Ad for SX4. A real good looking car. Theatre seats in the back, raised above the front seat…Lots of pluses, but few “buts”…But “one”, fuel efficiency…But “two”, back seat design…Meant for seating two comfortably. But the third will have to sit on a high hump in the middle…Next stop, Honda….

And then the voices take over…

“Going for a Honda City? Why not a Toyota Corolla? For your profile Corolla is better. Hold it, go for the new Honda Civic…Looks much better…In which case, have you looked at Skoda as an option? Top models, man…If you can wait a few months, Toyota is coming up with a new model for Corolla…And Fiat is coming out with a new model for India…For car styling and interiors, Japan has to bow to Europe! Fiat, excellent sir! Volkswagon also coming with top models sir! Btw, have you looked at Renault option? The new Mahindra Logan? Don’t like its looks? Well, the interiors are really nice and large. And the diesel option makes it very economical. You must look at Diesel! And if you are considering Diesel, Ford Fiesta is an option, a good option. No need to hesitate for diesel sir. Nowadays Diesel engines don’t have earlier type of maintenance problems. Maximum 50 paise per kilometer on maintenance sir…Or Hyundai Verna sir…Made here only…Korean technology is as good nowadays sir! Look at the Santro on a highway sir! Overtakes all other cars, just zips past, sir!

Not looking at Tata sir? Tata highly improved sir. New Indigo is value for money sir….Mitsubiishi also, new model, cedia…Not heard sir? They don’t advertize much sir, but car is good sir” …

“Best is Bollero Sir! Ghat road car sir! Rough use! Rough use! Wont feel it sir! Better than Innova and all! On Indian roads, best buy sir! And they are continuously improving…Drive for ten hours sir! And you will get down and still feel supple enough to play  a set of tennis! Best buy sir! Shall I ask dealer to give you test drive? Try Sir!”

And as I stood, unable to decide, the voices asked – “Err…sir….what price range sir…”..and as I mentioned a rough ballpark, they said “For little more sir, you can get excellent SUV sir. Toyota Innova sir, fantastic buy sir. And Scorpio…What a car sir! You must test drive sir…”

And I thought, why not?

                                           … To be continued …


3 Responses to “Zen and the art of buying a car – 1”

  1. Jayan Says:

    Hmm.. good that u r getting a new one. U have any personal favourites ?

  2. gkamesh Says:


    Benz C220, BMW M3, Jaguar X,Audi A8L…Wouldnt mind Lambhorgini either…or a Ferrari…Lexus…

    Come to think of it, wouldnt mind a Rolls Royce coupe…


    Hey, Jayan…whats your fave car?

  3. Jayan Says:

    Pothuma.. :D, you have a wide range of faves. Seems you have a tuf job to finalize. I like Scorpio, Swift, Innova.

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