Zen and the art of buying a car – 2

Krishna came in many forms to counsel me on the art of buying a car.  

There was a Chevrolet Tavera cab that I chanced to hire one day, and I thought I’d check if that Big-mass-of-engineering could fit into the parking area in my home. For if the Tavera could fit, so would a Scorpio or an Innova. And so I asked the cab driver, who was actually Krishna, to try and park in that space, and I found that he could.

And as Cabbie Krishna chatted with me, he realized that I seemed to be leaning towards buying a Scorpio, and he BUTted in straightaway. “Sir, car is good sir. No doubt sir. But Sir, Scorpio used mostly by flag-people sir…not by family type people sir…you yourself think sir…”, said he…and I say, he was quite right. Most of the Scorpios seem to be flag bearing, like chariots out of Mahabharata war. I pictured Krishna saying to me, “Yonder, you see that dazzling chariot Arjuna, with a white top, and a flag bearing the picture of a Cobra…That is the car of the mighty warrior Duryodhana…And that one, that glorious silver chariot, with the flag having a palm tree…That is the car of the greatest of warriors, Bhishma Pitamaha…And that there…” etc.

And I  pictured my Scorpio with a flag bearing the mighty ape…

How about a Toyota Innova then?

Cabbie Krishna approved. “Excellent option, sir” he said, breathing easier, and then went his way, for he had other fares to handle.

Krishna also came in the form of a dear well wisher of mine, a family elder, who was all of eighty one years young. Lets call him Krishna81. Now Krishna81 was quite a youth at heart, wore bright clothes, and always turned out pretty tip-top. He was quite a gizmo enthusiast as well, and so did a lot of research on my behalf and would call me every other day and advice me on this car and that. He was worried that I may put down my weapons, and opt to continue with my current diesel dodderer. And that he said would be the absolutely wrong thing to do. “What for has God given you a decent income? You should know how to put it to proper use…” he advised. And then again, he was worried that I may decide to dive deeper than needed, and he cautioned – “No! Don’t be tempted to spend that few dollars more. Stick to your budget and get the best  you can get for that. And be prepared to sell, three years down the line… and buy a new one… Don’t be over-attached to any car and hold on to it for more than three years… Cars are just getting better and better! A whole new world is upon us now! You should know how to enjoy!” he told me…

And as I dilly-dallied, hummed-and-hawed, he kind of gave up on me, and went ahead and booked a new car for himself! A Skoda! He chose a certain model, went to the dealership, and decided on a higher model, went across to a bank, negotiated a good loan, and signed the papers, all in one day. And he called me and told me “You are the first person I am telling this to. I have just booked a Skoda. It is a beauty. I have got a decent deal from the bank. Am not worried too much about servicing the loan. Interest rate is ok. Market is not bad, and I have some money in Mutual Funds which will give me returns that are much higher than the loan interest rate…”

Vettu onnu, tundu rendu – as they say in Tamil. One swift strike of the sword, and cut into two pieces! Krishna81 had showed me how a war has to be fought!


Sadly, Krishna81 did not live to enjoy his new car. A week later, God recalled him from this earth. But he had shown me the way, and continued to show me the way in mysterious ways…As we shall see…

                                                              …To be continued….


3 Responses to “Zen and the art of buying a car – 2”

  1. bala Says:


    Enjoying reading your carquests. I can see the american process of buying a car getting to be the practice in India too. Dealing with sleazy car salesmen (mostly men) although the internet has taken the bite out of it. For me personally, I bought my last vehichle on the internet after test driving a few vans. Everything was done before I went to pick the van up, walked in the store, signed a few papers and the van was waiting in front ready for me to drive away. Did I pay a bit more, I certainly did, but didnt have to deal with the stress.

    Scorpio seems a good fit for you with a flag and possibly a VVIP red light at the top. What do you say DTEA-75 thalivar!!!!!

  2. GJV Prasad Says:

    interesting; didnt know you spent so much time on this choice; good that you did and are writing about it!

  3. gkamesh Says:

    thanks bala, thanks prasad…couple o comments like these makes it worth the while…

    And Prasad: Did i spend time on the choice?? I think I lost a few months of my life!

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