Zen and the art of buying a car – 5

The final run for me was between Toyota Corolla and Honda City.

Both are good cars.

The traffic of my mind went somewhat like this:

Compared to a City, Corolla is 10 cms or so wider in the back seat. Can seat three comfortably. Has more power. Seems a better brand promise. It also has better road clearance than City. City, when loaded, sometimes scrapes the top of taller speed-breakers.

But City gives better mileage. Is more compact, and therefore more suitable for metro traffic. 

And given the price range I was looking for, the comparison was between the upper end, fully loaded Honda City versus the Entry Model, not so loaded Toyota Corolla. And in terms of interiors, the City scored better in this model comparison. And in terms of exterior styling, Corolla, to my mind, is not all that cool. Price of City was less by 20% or more. And I remembered Krishna81’s advise about a cap on the budget.

And so, although my heart was for a Toyota, my head finally voted for the Honda City, and my heart followed as well.

Phew! That was close!

And now came the financing part.

Used-car Krishna wanted to broker a deal with a hotshot multinational bank. Whereas my local Indian public sector bank was also calling me. Overseas bank was giving a better rate, and would come to my place with all paper work needed. But the PSU Bank seemed friendlier, and promised to clear the application in three days flat. Overseas bank in question is not a stranger to using strong arm tactics…So I decided to try the PSU.

Enter PSU Krishna.

“Welcome Sir! We will clear your loan in two days, Sir. You just come for fifteen minutes, Sir. All will be ready. No complications Sir! No Post-dated cheques and all. All very simple”…Service with a smile.

And when I called for that promised service – “Sir! Tomorrow our new premises being inaugurated. GM is coming. You are also welcome Sir! Customer first! But I will be fully busy. You can come later sir?”

And when I landed there, nothing was ready. But with a bit of pushing and patience, things moved. Except that they requested me to go to a stationery shop to buy Form 20, 21, 29, 30 etc, two copies each. So I did that. Finally paper work was done from my side.

“Loan cheque will be ready tomorrow evening, Sir.”.

And so I called them next evening. Things hadn’t moved. No fault of theirs.

“Sir! This computer Sir! New core banking system inaugurated two weeks ago! No proper training at all Sir! They came two years ago and gave training for one day only! And system has come two years later! Our staff has also changed! Manual system means I would have given you a cheque in fifteen minutes. Now, sir, with core banking, it is taking some time. We are on it. I will ensure that you have the cheque before EOD today, rest assured” said PSU Krishna.

Come EOD, I called him…”We are on the job, Sir. System bottlenecks. We are progressing, step by step…step by step…We will do it”.

And then I said, I will come personally and wait in the bank.

“Please, no sir! How will it help, Sir? System is like traffic jam. How can your coming help, Sir? I only will feel more embarrassed. Pukka, by tomorrow, it will be done Sir…”

And  true to the word, by tomorrow, it was done! Hurrah!

And so, Chalti ka naam gaadi! Thank you, Krishna81!


3 Responses to “Zen and the art of buying a car – 5”

  1. bala Says:

    congratulations kamesh..

    PS: speed bumps are there for a purpose.
    City, when loaded, sometimes scrapes the top of taller speed-breakers

  2. gkamesh Says:

    thanks bala…

    but u must hear the scrape…it jars….but holds…

  3. M A Prasad Says:

    Very interesting pieces – I have also recently bought a new car – alas I did not know the entire episode can be so interesting – I also went through a similar ordeal – except the finance option

    Another important pience of information – core banking has been a much maligned work in indian banking sector – I have been receiving stories from espeically natinalised banks how customers are put to test and they are making even customer knowledgeable in core banking implementation


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