A Sun Day

Some days
Are like desserts.

Sun Days.

A sweetness
To go with fullness.

A break
In the battle.

When I travel in time
Back thousands of years
To see Rama
Stand despondent
In the battlefield
Having felled all
But the ten headed one,
The wizard,
From whose bow
Flew magic shafts
Alligators, tigers,
Vultures, jackals,
Five headed serpents,
Mouth agape…

Like the Indra-Vrittra war,
The Rama-Ravana Yuddha…

The benchmark battle
For all time to come…


And deep in that battle, there comes the turning point, the ‘Aditya Hrudayam’, the Hymn to the Sun…A free translation of its first few verses, I attempt below.

Aditya Hrudayam – 1

Having come to see the battle,
Agastya, the Bhagavan-Rshi,
Accompanied by celestials
Saw Ravana in the foreground
And Rama
Standing forlorn in the battlefield
Fatigued by fight;

Going then,
To Rama
(Agastya) said to him:

“O Rama, Rama,
Of mighty arm!
To this eternal secret,
By which,
My child,
You will overcome
All your enemies!

(This hymn)
(The Heart of the Sun),
Pure and holy,
The destroyer of all foes,
Giver of victory,
Should indeed
Be chanted every day!

Among all that is auspicious,
It is most auspicious;
Decimates all sins,
Cures anxiety and anguish,
Increases longevity
And is the most excellent (mantra)!

Offer worship
To the Sun
The giver of light,
The Lord of the Worlds,
To the resplendence
That rises
With bright rays
And is venerated alike
By Devas and Asuras!

…To be continued…some other dessert time…


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