Manic Monday

One more crazy day in the markets. The pretty anchors in Biz News channels have brought out their grimmest masks to wear. Subprime crisis (whoever heard of it an year ago), seems to be rumbling into an avalanche. And markets all over are diving lower. Gosh whats up?

Reminds me of a fella who had a pretty rough time in life. He was never the type to consult any astrologers. But this phase of life was pretty rough, and he thought that he’d seen the last of it. And so he wanted to check if he had just been through saadey-saathi, that seven and a half year cycle of saturn. For the first time in his life he consulted the almanac, and he found…..that the cycle had just commenced. What he had experienced was perhaps an acclamatizer!

Anyway, all the pundits are out on this one. “What do you advise the retail investor? Sell and cut losses?” asked a pretty anchor to a prettier analyst “Well..unless you are in distress and need cash, I would advise not to sell. Hold on. Take a holiday. Dont even look at the market news. Come back after six months. Things would have improved. I wouldnt even advise buying now. For we expect that the bottom has not been reached. There will be more fall. So for now, just switch of the TV and go play bridge or learn breathing exercises…Dont come anywhere near the market”, was the approx reply I heard.

So folks…just as India Inc started to flex its muscles, the nerves and bones seem to be crumbling. And the ‘nerves and bones’ systems have a command centre. And thats not the brain, for no one seems to know where the brain is. The command centre is the spine. Which happens to be the American market. And it seems kind of broke, or on the way there. Because there is an imbalance, it appears, between the ‘yen’ and the ‘yank’.

Nero hasnt stopped fiddling though. Election smiles in US and India…And China prepares to light the Olympic torch….

So folks…how do you see it going? desh ka kya hoga? duniya ka kya hoga?


4 Responses to “Manic Monday”

  1. ramey Says:

    what went up has to come down… when the SENSEX was touching its peak, every body was counting the money rather than sharing on the Blog…

    ye to duniya ka dastur hai sir.. zyaada ghabrana nahin chahiye!!!! Dont be attached to trivial things like this… concentrate on Gita SAAR!!!!

    Budda ho gaya hoon!!!!1

  2. gkamesh Says:


    mai kya karoon ram… πŸ™‚

  3. Srinivasa Says:

    Been hit personally. The plan today was to do 2 meetings in New Jersey by 2 PM and get into NYC lower downtown area for a late lunch at some desi diner and an evening of beery St Patrick’s Day celebrations. Well, it so happened that the second meeting of the day got postponed to late afternoon due to a crisis. So I’m stuck in hotel in NJ having cheese sandwich and lemonade for lunch.

    The cause of the crisis: client had put in a new release over the weekend – it was a re-architected piece of fluff. This piece had exactly one field being fed from the Trading system. Due to the frenetic selloff (DOW lost 150 points in the first hour of trading due to the Bear Stearns firesale), there was phenomenal activity. The interface pipes got clogged, the middleware crashed and my client was off to his crisis management routine.

    Welcome to SOA. It’s of course a different matter that when I asked our friend JP abt SOA, he asked me to read the Gita. Looks like JP and Ramey think alike.

    Needless to say, the pre release qa was done by folks who swear by curd rice. So between the Vadama’s and Wall Street, I’m being force fed paneer sandwich.

  4. gkamesh Says:

    Srini…Joy to read your comment! Pls try and avoid paneer. Thats like the feed from the trading system. Too much of it will clog the interface pipes, and crash the middleware πŸ™‚

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