A Grama Koil Kodamuzhukkam – 1

Which translates to “A village temple kumbhabishekam”.

Some of you may recall a post on the temple at P-Nayur. Heres the link:


Well, the renovation work has been completed. And the kumbabhishekam ceremony was fixed for Monday, 17th March.

I woke up early and with a start – dreaming of a lion lunging towards me. Best thing to do when you have such a dream is to wake up. Cant fight lions. Left home at about 6:30 am. Destination – Pinayur.

Somewhere before Chengalpet, we turn right..go down a narrow road. Past Athur….And when you reach Pazaya Seevaram, you turn off towards the Palar river bed. When I reached that turn, I noticed the Pazaya Seevaram temple. On a hill to the right. The temple beckoned. It was a Narsimha temple. The dream came to mind. I decided to have darshan. Car goes up to the temple gate. The temple was open. But the sanctum sanctorum was locked. A few pilgrims were waiting outside. On enquiry I found that they were waiting for the priest, who had gone to collect water. In a few minutes the priest arrived, and I had a very good Darshan. Worship done, the priest locked up the temple. Just in time Darshan.

The Palar bridge wasnt functional the last time I had come. This time it was. Heres a pic of the bed of the Palar river. A real broad river bed. A perennial river once upon a hundred odd years ago, the river is now a memory of sand. Heres a picture.

Palar Bed

Past the bridge, turned a sharp left, onto the mud-and-broken-mortar road to Pinayur. The scenery was real good. Low hills. Lush fields all around.

Heres a pic.

Pinayur fields

Reached the village. Festival sights. Music. Loudspeaker chants coming from the temple. Went straight to the shed put up for food. Had the worlds most delicious breakfast.

Reached the temple. Heres a picture of the temple front – before and after. The ‘before’ pic was taken in May last year, when I had been there for the Balalayam.

Temple Front

Groups of people gathered in front of the temple.


Recognize someone? 

Well it is his granddads village.                              



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