A Grama Koil Kodamuzhukkam – 2

Upon entering the temple, the yaaga shaala was on the right. Fire was blazing in several altars. Priests with colorful headdresses were presiding over the procedures. The whiff of smoke was elevating.

yaaga shaala

And now some ‘BEFORE’ and ‘AFTER’ pictures.

Heres a picture of the central sanctum, before the repairs:

Before Renovation

And heres an “AFTER” picture:


All the villagers had gathered for the function…from the very young, to the very old…

Heres a picture.

young and old

At the yaagashaala, the “poornahuti’, the ‘finale’ was concluded.

Heres a picture.


Now, the ‘action’ would move to the temple sanctum. The pots of consecrated water that you see in the picture above, would be taken and poured on the ‘kalashams’ on top of the temple dome.

…..To be continued….


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