A Grama Koil Kodamuzhukkam – 3

The crowd trooped towards the main sanctum.

In the sanctorum is Brahmeeswarar and a side shrine houses his consort. A nice Nagabharana awaits the Sivalinga.

The scaffolding on the side has a ladder of sorts that we use to get up to the roof. Some twenty or so of the family get this gallery view. The others are in the temple courtyard, all eyes on the temple dome.


The consecrated waters are brought. Wooden platforms have been made around the domes of the central sanctum and the other shrines. Mantra chants, pilgrims’ prayers, and the waters are poured on the kalashas of the temple.


Nadaswaram music and drum beats rise to a crescendo. An eagle circles up in the sky.

Thats the end of the function. Kudos to Mohan, the prime-mover behind the whole function.

We go across to a shed where lunch is being served. Mohan joins the servers, and sees to it that every one eats well and true. And after that, he personally hands a cloth bag with Prasada.

Around noon, I leave for Chennai.

From the Palar bridge, the view of the Pazaya Seevaram Narsimha temple is nice.

Here it is.

Pazaya Seevaram temple

Roar, over, and out!


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