Saluting The Sultan

The Sultan of Multan – Virender Sehwag – The Nawab of Najafgad…

We bow to you.

What an innings in Chennai today. He decimated the South African bowling attack. Scoring 300 in 278 balls. The fastest triple century in test cricket. And he joins Sir Don Bradman and Brian Lara – having scored triple century twice in test cricket.

Look at this King’s record. Ten successive times in test, when he went on from 100 to complete 150…

And talking to Ramiz at end of day today, the Emperor of Indian Test Cricket said : “I had to do this today. For it hurt being dropped. I wanted to prove that I belong here.”.

India needs to thank Chennai.

For giving their King of Cricket back to them.


11 Responses to “Saluting The Sultan”

  1. bala Says:

    India needs to thank Chennai!!! for providing a flat wicket. Neverthless, it is great fun to follow Sehwag when he is on a roll.. I remember a few years ago in WI when Ramey and I watched him score I think 99 runs before lunch on the first day of a test match.

    he can rest easy for another year. But the point o fhaving Sehwag in the teeam is that he gives the opportunity to get a win on his own once in about a dozen tests or so…

  2. gkamesh Says:

    Its a pity Bala that you are downplaying a truly world class innings. Or maybe you are not. Anyway, you ought to have been here to understand the weather conditions. You cant have lasted one hour in this heat and humidity. And to bat through the day, displaying ‘swordplay’…You should have seen the innings to understand the class.

  3. bala Says:

    No, I really enjoy watching Sehwag bat, a few innings I saw on my India trips and occasionally on you tube. I did see the highlights. There are not too many players who can hit the ball so cleanly. Before Sehwag I did not know of any players who could hit sixes between point and third man with regularity. Any batsman who can stay on the crease long enough particularly unde the conditions, it is remarkable..

  4. Saw Says:

    You are dead right. What a monumental innings. He is really the Champion of Chennai. Hats of to him for two aspects, he proved the critics wrong in the right way i.e. by performing and the postitve way he approached his effort. Read his response in crcinfo. A lesson to all who needs to resuurect back when psuhed to the corner.


  5. Dan B Says:

    Ode to Virender Sehwag

    Sir Sehwag..Sir Sehwag
    today you are Cricket’s Top Dog
    your innings was more than memorable
    you made the damn critics crumble

    Your batting was electrifying
    your spirit was gravity-defying
    you shredded the South African bowling
    leaving all of us bewildered and howling

    You ruled the crease
    you thrashed fours with ease
    your triple century was the fastest
    that no one anytime can best

    What a magnificent comeback!
    Like an Emperor you took your throne back
    You are more than an example; you are a paragon
    this innings from our hearts will never ever be gone

    — A happy BD

  6. Sundhar Says:

    You made your three hundred
    But South Africans eyes went red
    While the Sun was shining blazingly
    You were batting so brilliantly

    You created history
    A compelling story
    For one’s glory
    Never say, never die
    For one can always revive

    At 291, you hit a six
    While others would be sick
    Afraid they might snick
    What a way to fix
    When selectors failed to pick

    300 runs came of your blade
    Our memory will not fade
    Like a fairy tale
    A perfect batting gale

  7. Srinivasa Says:

    This must have been a treat! Guys who took their kids to the game must have got a bargain of their lifetimes. I went to a test match in Delhi in ’69 when Chappell hit 138 on the first day. I still remember that as if it happened yesterday. This must have been something else altogether – 300 in 278 runs must be like the Total Solar Eclipse, once in a lifetime and absolutely dazzling.

    I was following the game on BBC America News. All they talked of was Dravid reaching 10K runs and that he was the third Indian to do so etc. Who was the second? Anyway, Zee Tv is showing some highlights today as a special.

    By the by, is Veeru a Jat?

    In any case, Chennai has always had some classy innings played there. Viswanath’s 97 not out against a positively hostile Andy Roberts, Keith Fletcher’s 97 not out etc ome to mind.

  8. gkamesh Says:

    Yes Srini…It was a total solar eclipse kind of event…incredible…Jai Veeru! (reminds me of Sholay…where Dharam was Jai and Amitabh Veeru…guess Sir Sehwag is combo)

    As regards 10 K…Gavaskar, Sachin…

    Dont know whether Veeru is Jat or nat. But this I know…Fallow hardly broke into a sweat while batting the whole day in this real oppressive Chennai weather. As if he had an air conditioner under his red headscarf….

  9. ramey Says:

    veeru is a jat… any body coming from najafgarh is Jat….

    JAT… Just Avoid Them… is a famous acronym… possibly the proteas didn’t know it…

    in a movie Sunny deol had a dialogue…. no if, no but, only Jat


  10. Srinivasa Says:

    Was Payal Rohatgi in the pavilion the day Sehwag hit his 300? yeh bat hai ki run ki machine? 🙂

  11. mani Says:


    when veeru reached teen sau he kissed the bat very sanshusly. dekhne laayak.

    what do they say – s’daar baaraa to jut attaaraa?

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