SA vs India – Second Test

Boy! India 76 all out. All done before lunch. Kabhi khushi, kabhi ghum…Tara rumpumpum…


Listen to the falling wickets
Listen to it fall!
And with every batsman down
There was one more!
Listen to the wickets rattle
No one came there to battle
They just came to listen to their wicket fall.


8 Responses to “SA vs India – Second Test”

  1. Srinivasa Says:

    Are the spectators blind, like the singer perhaps?

  2. gkamesh Says:

    Dont know about the spectators. But the batsmen sure might have been.

    That said, nothing like the sound of a wickets sent flying by a ball from a paceman. You see better with your ear.

  3. bala Says:

    verbal volleys and lead feet:

    From what I watched on you tube the Indian batting was a perfect example of the whole team being scared of the short ball. In earlier press comments SA had indiacated that they will use short pitched deliveries to trouble Indian batsmen. So the Indian team came prepared to hop skip and jump on the back foot. South Africa chose a different mode of attack with perfectly pitched balls on a good length that they were not moving their feet (just standing at the crease) or stepping back to well pitched deliveries. Each of the batsmen I saw Jaffer, Sehwag, Dhoni, Ganguly and Dravid fell to well pitched deliveries that they did not go forward. Dhoni showed how you cannot drive a full pitched delivery of the back foot. Laxman again was assuming that the ball was pitching shorter than it was and assumed that the ball would go over the wickets. They forgot what they have been doing the past few months. Play the ball on their merits…. It is going to be a long three days for India, but I dont expect them to last more than a day with the pressure of scoring over 500 runs to save the match unless they repeat an Australia match at Kolkatta several years back.

  4. Srinivasa Says:

    Good Cricket 2.0 type commentary.

    > Play the ball on their merits

    This sounds like it might have come from Vijay Merchant or the Lala 🙂

  5. gkamesh Says:


    nice notes. just to add: the ball was also doing just a wee bit. Not moving much, but just a bit. So all you have to do is to bowl fast and on the off stump or thereabouts.

    As regards Laxman – Ntini bowled from wide off the stump and slanted it in. Laxman shouldered arms stylishly, and then had to take the long walk back.

    My feeling was that none of these guys played with a straight bat. Hitting cross on a pitch which is doing a bit, and against decent fast bowling is an invitation to being bowled, or dragging the ball to the wicket, or being lbw or caught behind…

    as regards dhoni…he plays with a strong bottom hand. good bowlers will find gaps in the technique. a fast rising ball onto the chest should see him popping one to forward short leg, more likely than not….

  6. aditya Says:

    these boys rnt interested in the bounce the proteas would like to generate, but the money the IPL would generate……jst 13 days left for the IPL…..n theres no ‘strong backhand by dhoni’ logic, hez jst teachin ppl to flaunt 6 crores(thats wat he earned off the IPL) …..

    n ppl, plz dont b amazed or shocked to c VIJAY MALLAYA(MUMBAI) AND PRIETY ZINTA(MOHALI) TO OPEN THE THIRD TEST………. BCCI ke saath kuch bhi ho sakta hai……..

  7. bala Says:

    Comemnts by SA Coach

    The mistake we committed in Chennai [where India replied with 627 to South Africa’s 540] was we focused on swing,” said Arthur. “After that game was over, we spent a lot of time with the bowlers to work out the best way forward. We realised we needed to be a lot more aggressive, we spoke about really hitting the deck at the right length, over after over. We talked about roughening up the Indian batsmen with short deliveries, and more importantly, the follow-up deliveries after the bouncers.”

    The key, or rather the theme of the revised strategy, Arthur revealed, was to get Indian batsmen out of their “traditional” comfort zone. “We realised after all those discussions that the crucial aspect was to force India’s batsmen to play outside their comfort zone, which is the front foot. We decided we will never allow them to settle down in that forward zone, but instead force them back with aggressive bowling. Hit the deck, hit the deck in the right area – that is what we kept repeating to ourselves.”

  8. gkamesh Says:

    Thanks Bala. That makes good reading.

    So how does one counter this? Stand a bit outside the crease, and be ready to go to the backfoot?

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