IPL after six…


You had asked – “What’s your take on the IPL so far after about six matches? Cricket? Entertainment? Cheerleaders?? Bollywood production??”

Well, here goes…

Cricket has been entertaining all right. You get to see Ponting and Ishant on the same side! A horror of a wicket at Eden Gardens, that turns square, keeps low, or bounces high…Some fabulous batting knocks…Lot of intensity…

It is interesting to see the body language of someone like Ponting, who is every inch a ‘Captain’, playing under another captain. Or Aussie fielders for Indian bowlers! Different cultures in one stew! It all seems a bit mixed up, and quite a free for all sometimes! But good for the game!

TV has been a flashy new world. Hunky sort of young guys doing the basic anchoring. Many preferred Mayanti Langer who did that role for the ICL tournament 🙂 . To my mind, the commentating could have been better…you still hear the same sort of value-less comments like “umpires are very strict to anything outside the legstump”, or “he is a real contender for the DLF maximum sixes award” (Which I think has been mandated for a commentator to say every time a batsman hits a six)…

Ads are just a bit bugging. Couple of times an over the screen will suddenly become smaller and an Ad will take over on a substantial “L” part of the screen, making noises that drown the commentators words (but they have stepped down the noise now, I think). Replays have not been good enough. Ads come double-quick, and the action replay is often delayed or dropped.  Some commentators have been good, tho.

Cheerleaders… quite a circus! But the choreography of the dance steps seemed substandard. ICL was better.

Bollywood… Pretty Zinta hasnt had much to cheer about! Lalit Modi with his arm around Pretty Z, or Rahul, SRK swinging in the stands, Priyanka and Robert cheering in Kolkata – all great photo ops… Politics-Bollywood-IPL, what a sangam!

So, a quick sum… Good start… but getting to be a bit of an overdose…




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  1. bala Says:

    Good to hear from you.

    I watched some of the excerpts on Youtube. For most part it looks like “ kattan adi” but you can pick up the classy ones whether it is McGrath or Warne bowling. I was very impressed by Suresh raina in making 32. I am a traditionalist on cricket and I hate to see the way guys like Robin Uthappa play. Agreed the ball is there to be hit, but still!!!!

    I think a match everyday for the next 40 days would be a bit too much. How do parents manage with exams etc. in April/May I wonder. Even with the limited choices for us during our school days I used to spend too much time on cricket whether playing or listening on the radio.

    Enjoyed your Bangalore postings and the pictures as well.


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