Kurukshetra – A picture post

Date 6/April/2008. Sunday.

Ramey and I decide to visit Kurukshetra, which is a three hour drive or so from Delhi.

Kurukshtera – the land of Mahabharata battle…an ancient region that included Panipat, where three great battles were fought…A land that has absorbed so much blood…And also the land that gave the world the great wisdom of Song Celestial – The Bhagawat Gita…A land dotted by hundreds of Theerthas…A place visited by nine of the ten Sikh Gurus…

Ramey and I fixed to meet at 6 AM, at Rajghat, and drive from there. Rajghat, the resting place of the great Mahatma, seemed such an appropriate place to start from…The great Mahatma Gandhi, who was a living commentary on the Gita…The man who stood for Ahimsa…

Heres a picture taken at Rajghat…

Rajghat, New Delhi

It was a nice drive. Some two hours down the road, we stopped for breakast at a Dhaba. Everyone was eating Aaloo Parantha and Dahee. We did likewise. Ramey also bought some fresh milk cake.

Heres that dhaba.

Dhaba on the highway

Past Panipat, Karnal….we reach the turn to Kurukshetra.

An arch welcomes all to the holy land. A narrow busy bazaar road leads one to the heart of the town. Heres a picture of one of the statues that one saw on the road. A statue of the might Pandava, Arjuna.

Arjuna statue - Kurukshetra

Our first stop at Kurukshetra is the Brahma Saras, a.k.a Brahma Sarovar…the sacred water tank…We find a festive atmosphere, and lots of people…The Amavasya (new moon) is about to end…People come to Brahma Saras to do Shraaddha (offer libations to their forefathers), especially on Amavasya day…

We went to the Saras, and had a refreshing dip;

Heres a picture of Ramey in front of the lake.

Brahma Saras - Kurukshetra

This is my second visit to Kurukshetra. I was here a couple of years ago, for the first time. With Ramey and his sons…Now, the second time, courtesy Ramey too..Long live Ramey!

There is a small temple of Goddess Katyayani near the Saras. A traditional Veda Paathashaala was functioning here. A group of pilgrims were sitting around a fire, and some priests were conducting a Havan…It was a Chandi Homam…And they were chanting the Devi Mahatmyam…In chaste Sanskrit…The pronunciation was perfect…Amavasya, was moving on, and the first day of Vasanta Navaratri was commencing…

I wanted to do Shraaddha, but hadnt brought any Til (sesame seeds)…I asked one of the young Brahmachari lads at the temple, and he went in and brought a small packet of Til, which I gratefully accepted. Went to a nice, quiet part of the huge garden next to the Saras, and did the Shraaddha. Ramey did his Sandhyavandanam.

In that huge garden, we saw a big statue of the Gita Upadesha scene. This wasnt there the last time we had come here. Just been made, and not yet inaugurated…It was still half-wrapped in plastic sheets…

Heres a picture…

Gita statue - Brahma Saras

We then hired an Auto Rickshaw and visited a few places. We first went to Jyotisar, the place that marks where Sri Krishna is said to have given the exposition of Gita…A holy tree marks the sacred spot…A Sarovar (bathing tank) has been built here…We walked down the ghat steps and sprinkled some water on ourselves…

Heres a picture of the tree that marks the Gita Upadesha place.

Gita Upadesha Sthal, Kurukshetra

A nice statue of Gita is enclosed in glass, behind the tree.

Heres a closeup picture.

Gita statue, Jyotisar, Kurukshetra

From Jyotisar, we go to Baan-Ganga…A temple marking the place where the mighty Bhishma lay in the bed of arrows…From there we went to the Bhadrakali temple, one of the sacred Shakti Peethas in the subcontinent. The place where Sati’s ankle fell…As per the local lore, this was where Arjuna offered worship to Durga, just before the commencement of the great war…Just prior to the exposition of Gita…

The last time around, we had visited a few more places…the Sthaneshwar Siva temple, and also the tank where Duryodhana is said to have hidden, before his final mace battle with the mighty Bheema…

Heres a picture of the towers of one of the many temples of Kurukshetra…

We left Kurukshetra around noon. Had lunch at one of the hotels on the highway. Stopped for a quick visit to the lake Karnal…Karnal, named after Karna, one of the key heroes of Mahabharata…The man immortalized as Daan-Veer, the King of those who Give…The man who could not say no to any seeker of help…

Karnal Lake

From Karnal, back to Delhi…5 pm or so…With Ramey getting a message on his cell phone…”Aaj ghar aanaa hai ki naheen?”


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  1. bala Says:


  2. ramanamayi Says:

    Loved this post! The photos … everything.

  3. ramey Says:


    you left out couple of things….chanting of vishnu sahasranamam at Bhanganga..& the phone call made to an expat from the Braham saras…possibly connecting them to the holy land of kurukshetra….


  4. gkamesh Says:

    ah yes…

    Banganga…place where Bhishma lay on the bed of arrows…place where he expounded on all aspects of Dharma to Pandavas, on Sri Krishna’s request…Place where he taught the Vishnu Sahasranama to the Pandavas, and thereby to the world…

    When we went to the temple, we had a desire to chant the sahasranama, but we were not carrying the treatise…then we saw that the Sahasranama was incribed on one of the temple walls…so, there we were, Ramey and I, reading aloud, chanting….Om nama iti…

  5. krishnan Says:

    Wowo. Lovely pic. u guys have enjoyed. this is the tax one has to pay for leaving india

  6. Padma Ramakrishnan Says:

    Would have to put this on my list of places to visit. This will fulfill the heritage needs, at the very least!

  7. mythili(padmas sister) Says:

    I want to see the place

  8. Karthikeyan Says:

    Hi Kamesh….

    The picture u mentioned as Hanuman carriying Shiva Lingam is great…. but ” Chakra and Sangu ” represents Lord Vishnu in Hari(monkey) form it actually represents Lord Rama, praying to Lord Shiva before moving to rescue mother Seetha at Rameeswaram.

    Good work Dude,
    Karthikeyan, Let ur service continue…..

  9. gkamesh Says:

    Thanks Karthikeyan for the clarification. Would you know whether there is any literature reference to Rama having taken kapi form at Rameshwaram?

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