Times of weed…

For the charge of being an O.L. Weed,
“Not guilty”, bhajjee, perhaps cannot plead,
For true to O-weedy chemistry
He’s now gone and punched Codes own country.
Ess Ess, the dasher, from Kerala
Cried for the world to see on camera
“Mummee, mummee, boo hoo, boo hoo
I am good boy, he hit me, O what did I do?”
Looks like a case of pot and kettle, black and black, 
“Tough luck”, smirked one, and the other said “Whack!”
Come watch this Tamasha of Mohaalee,
Two grown men scrap like kuttha-billeee….

2 Responses to “Times of weed…”

  1. bala Says:

    As they say in Punjabi ” keeda” hai!!! ( a pest)….

  2. ramey Says:

    all said & done… now the Sardar gets banned for 11IPL matches… loses a lot of Money…

    what does the mallu lose… lot of tears… i believe this kerala joker deserves a kick in the back side as well…


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