One cup tamasha, cheenee double

As I stepped into the massive foodcourt of one of the many software facilities of Chennai, I asked my host – “where are the cheerleaders?”

For nothing in the recent times has sunk so readily across the Indian psyche, as this concept of ‘cheerleaders’. They came, they flaunted, they conquered. The item girls have stepped off the silver screen and into everyone’s food court. What fun!

So much so, that someone said that they should become part of Indian Parliament…which would motivate parliamentarians to attend, and bring life to the league they (currently) represent…IPL….Indian Parliamentary League…

Jai Tamasha! Paise phenkh, tamasha dekh! 

The dimensions, they are’a breakin’… The mirrors have decided to talk back… SRK to the right of you, Katrina to the left of you, Zinta in front of you, what volley, what wonder! 

And its not just TV. Its taking over the whole mindspace.  Take the recent blog of Big Bee. What a thing! The Big-bee’s buzz and sting blog! Chak de oye!

Sample this from his blog…A sting-in-cheek repartee to a review that apparently trashed his film “Bhootnath”…


“And Khalid Mohammed who reviews the film for Hindustan Times of date, who instead of reviewing writes a personal letter to me through a public document, who wishes that I go and learn how to act from the Pune Film Institute, who laments at the only dialogue he heard in the entire film, my oft repeated ‘Haiiiiiiii’, who as director made three of the most colossal bombs in the history of Indian Cinema and who now tries to educate others in the craft, who credits the cast of the film as AB,AB AB, disrespecting the other eminent star presence, who allegedly as Editor of Filmfare, coerced the talent of his directed films to work for him in lieu of the alleged consideration of an Award, titles his diatribe –


Well KHALIDA ! And this is not a gender error, but a call you respond to lovingly, when Jaya addresses you, as you spread yourself across our dining table in Jalsa, sipping our, in your own words, ‘exclusive and expensive wine’, this is what I have to say to you –

‘BOO’ !!!”


Wow! Bahut Maza Aayaa! Mogambo khush hua!

For the whole big-bee post, see:


But tell me, O Duniyawaalon! Has India become sufficiently Amreekanized or still has some way to go?


3 Responses to “One cup tamasha, cheenee double”

  1. GJV Prasad Says:

    read about the big B blog and was going to check it out today — well you directed me to it so thanks
    it was fun to read and now i have to check out aamir’s blog

    about cheerleaders — it is all about visualisation as sports psychologists like to say

  2. Srinivasa Says:

    I used to look forward to athato since it never acknowledged the presence of that philandering has-been.

    et tu bete! Sexy mar gayee! Now will you too go to the Qutb and wait for your cell phone to ring?

    The question of cheerleaders deserves a post or two of its own, don’t you think?

  3. gkamesh Says:


    cheerleaders is like cell phone…ring tone….instant communication….epidemic appeal….

    and bib-bee is like qutb….

    now i understand how you have tied it all up….

    but one thing….not sure if his philandering is has-been…. 🙂

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