Jayasurya comes to party…

Tonight it was Jayasurya’s turn
Who bowled to him was no concern
He clobbered them all with utmost ease
Brought the super kings to their knees

He hit a century in just forty five
Hook, pull, cut, glance and drive
Six, six, six, six, everywhere,
The King Bat is back, O ball beware!



2 Responses to “Jayasurya comes to party…”

  1. bala Says:

    in spite of these supposedly great knocks is the excitement still there!! or are the cheerleaders still drawing the crowds!!!!

    Have you been to any of the games??

  2. gkamesh Says:


    sour grapes? it was not a ‘supposedly’ great knock. It was a great knock. and pity the cheerleaders…imagine having to jump and jiggle everytime Jayasurya hits a boundary!

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