A Pilots take on the New Bengaluru Airport

Ranga, a very senior pilot, happened to write a comment on my post.. Since many people dont tend to read the comments, I decided to cut-paste his comment and add it as a seperate post…

So here it is….


I agree with Pavan….never travel on the first day whether as a passenger or a pilot.  Chaos galore! A Pilot’s Point of View…..

1. After landing the lead out taxy ways or exit ways were not painted from runway side but were painted from lounge side which fulfilled the political requirement of readiness…not operational! I can pity the pilot landing at night!

2. There was utter confusion regarding allocation of parking bay for us to park after landing…first allotted bay I would have telescoped into a closely parked Jet Airways..which was not supposed to be there..second attempt at giving us bay..found a King fisher ATR this time..finally I had to tell them a vacant bay that was free to allocate it myself…10 minutes

3.  After switching off the mechanised step ladder could not be seen to disembark the pax…..it arrived after 5 minutes…to set it up along the aircraft it took yet another 4 minutes….

4. There was no fuelling bowser to be seen for nearly 30 minutes after landing…Ultimately…I hijacked one which heading aimlessly..to fuel up.

5. There were no cabin cleaners..even though there were atleast 50 odd guys from Globe Ground which is the handling agency for aircraft…not one seemed to be doing anything useful…after a lot of looking around we found a disgruntled lot of cleaners who were already complaing about the days wage which did not reach them..got the cabin to some shape!

6. Pax came on board after one hour…

7.Phew!… and finally we departed after an hour and a half later..

Green or no green… aesthetics or not…but the BIAL is not ready for use. The Govt probably foresaw what would happen in the election…they launched it…so that the credit for launch goes to no one else…????

No offences to Bangaluriens…! Shamsabad Airport(New Hyderabad) is way ahead in all respect right from day one…our GM Rao has done a wonderful job…Long live Rao Garu..!

***End comment



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  1. bala Says:

    resopounding endoresement from Ranga? I think not.

    I will be flying on his airline from Delhi on the 6th of July!!

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