Another day’s outing from Bangalore – 1

We started at around 11 a.m or so.

The idea was to head to Somnathapura, near Mysore, to see the Kesava temple, considered to be one of the masterpieces of Hoysala architecture… A part of the Hoysala triad of temples Belur-Halebid-Somnathapura, it is not as well known as the other two, but is considered to be ‘right up there’ along with them…

So here we were, in a Hyundai Santro, proceeding in a ‘snooze’ sort of way, that comes so naturally once one leaves the crush of metro (which takes an hour or so) and eases into the timelessness of old Mysore…

It was sometime past noon, when we noticed a sign tha said “Big Banyan tree” and pointed to the right… We drove past that… And some five minutes later, after a tete-a-tete, we decided to U-turn and go see that tree. So we drove back, and turned into the road leading to Ramohalli, where lives that tree.

On the way, we crossed “Shubham Karoti”, a residential school for girls… The medium of conversation in that school is Sanskrit. Interesting place.

We imagined that the tree would be somewhere nearby. But that wasnt so…Some twenty minutes of driving brought us to the “Tree”.

It was a beautiful, large, Banyan tree. It sure did appear to be as large, if not larger, than the Adyar Banyan tree of Chennai. (The Adyar Banyan tree is in the campus of Theosophical Society at Adyar. A ‘notice board’ near that tree says that the tree is one of the largest in the world. It measures 238ft from north to south and 250ft from east to west. The total area exceeds 59,500 sq ft’.).

I dont know if the Ramohalli tree is just one tree (like the Adyar tree) or is more. But that Banyan cluster that one sees there, sure is huge….I read somewhere that it is spread over 4 acres…

Here are a few pictures in and around the tree. 

Ramohalli Banyan Tree


The picture below gives some idea of the depth. The person at the far end is hardly noticeable.

Ramohalli banyan tree


The open areas in that cluster were awash with bright sunlight…Made a nice picture of sun and shadows.

Ramohalli Banyan tree

We had picked up some ‘bhutta’ (Corn) and ‘mungfali’ (peanuts) from the vendors around there. But we had to be wary of other beings who were keen to disposess us…Like this one who is poised on top of the pillar. 

Ramohalli banyan tree

There were quite a few of his pack around. No one was bothered. There is place for all beings under the Big Banyan tree. 

So folks! Ramohalli banyan tree is a good place to drive out to for a family outing from Bangalore. Its like logging off from time for a while… Had this tree been in Singapore, they would have packaged a complete tourist package around this tree. And you would have had to shell out top dollars to enter its shade. But this is India.. The tree is for free…

 And a good snooze is priceless… 

Ramohalli Banyan tree
                 … To be contd…



3 Responses to “Another day’s outing from Bangalore – 1”

  1. Shival Says:

    Very nice place indeed. Thank you for posting about this place. You should check out “Kabir Vad” (Banyan Tree planed by Saint Kabir) on the bank of river Narmada near Bharuch, Gujarat, Its a really HUGE tree and a superb place for outing, meditation or sadhana.

  2. gkamesh Says:

    Thank you Shivalji.

    Yes, I have heard of the Kabir Vad tree. To visit the banks of Narmada is a long cherished desire of mine. God willing, I will enjoy the grace of Kabir Vad one day.


  3. Pradeep Says:

    Good to have written about such less heard of spoken of places like this. It will be a good guide for people who are looking for new and better getaways.

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