Another day’s outing from Bangalore – 2

We leave the Ramohalli Banyan tree, and get back to the Mysore highway.

Driving down the highway, we come to Bidadi, and go past the turn that leads ‘Dhayanpeetham’, Swami Nityananda’s Ashram. A little further in the highway, I notice a sign that points to another Banyan tree. We drive past, and after a few kms, decide to trun back to visit this Banyan tree as well.

The Banyan tree signboard pointed to a kutchcha road, that went under a bridge…and there was some road repair going on as well. So we gingerly made our way across…On the other side, the road was no better. It had its ups and downs, and rain water troughs. Some real estate development work was going as well…Some years down the line, you could expect to see lots of apartments out here, I think. Well…well…

Right out there was the Banyan tree.

Here’s a picture.

Bidadi Banyan tree

I then realized that the Banyan tree was a part of the Dhyanapeetham Ashram that I had visited a few months ago. The tree is at the back of the Anandeshwara temple.

The tree was beautiful. Beneath the tree, on one side, was a large idol of Dakshinamurthy – Lord Siva as the Silent Preceptor.

Bidadi Banyan - Dakshinamurthi shrine

The tree was something else. There were all sorts of birds out there. So many types of birds. Perhaps it was the fruiting season for that tree. The ecosystem was magic out there. Right in the base of the tree trunk was an opening that led to a hollow. An ideal sort of meditation cave, The Ashram priest mentioned that the hollow was the Samadhi spot of some sage of yore. And that a Siva Linga had been in existence there. That Siva Linga has since been shifted to the Anandeshwara temple adjacent to the tree, and has been consecrated there.

Here is a picture of that tree cave.

The Banyan tree cave

It’s a real nice tree. And if you are driving down the Mysore highway, it is barely a couple of minutes off the main road. It is worth stopping here, and just sitting in peace for a while…Enjoy the shade…Watch the birds…Savor the sounds and silence of nature….

…. To be contd…


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