Another day’s outing from Bangalore – 3

On the Mysore highway, we stopped at a nice “cafe coffee day” restaurant. After a decent refreshment, we started for Somnathapura. We had to take a left before Sri Ranga Pattina… Soon we had left the urbanity of the highway behind, and eased into bad roads and good fields… Here’s a picture of the landscape that we drove through.

Lanscape on way to Somnathapua 


The Somnathapura temple is not a formal place of worship now. It is a monument maintained by ASI (Archeological Survey of India). That being so, I was anxious that we reach the place before 5 pm, as the premises might be closed at the end of office hours. The approach road to Somnathapura wasn’t very good, and we had to struggle along. We managed to reach the village by 4:30 pm or so.

After purchasing entry tickets (just a few rupees each), we entered the neatly maintained temple garden…








Walking through the portal of the temple, I had my first glimpse of the Kesava temple inside. And I must say it was an awesome sight….A masterpiece of Hoysala architecture…









Below, is a side-view of the temple…


Somnathapura Kesava Temple 







And as I walked around the temple, I told myself, ‘If there was ever poetry on stone, it is here, it is here, it is here….’


Somnathapura Temple  







Here is a close-up of the carvings at the bottom…


Somnathapura Temple Outer Wall








                                                               … To be contd…. 


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  1. bala Says:


    Wonderful picture of mysore, enjoying it. I have been around that area a few decades ago, but did not know about the Kesava temple. Beautiful architecture..

    I look forward to your travelogues.

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