Another day’s outing from Bangalore – 4

The Kesava temple has three shrines in the sanctum. The main one is Kesava Perumal. The other two are Venu Gopala (Krishna) and Janardana.

Here are a few pictures of the outer wall carvings…

Somnathapura Temple








The one below looks like a carving of Hanuman, carrying a Siva Linga. But I am not sure, for the icon also has hands carrying Shankha and Chakra…



The temple reminded me of the Kailasanatha Temple at Kancheepuram. That temple too has a fabulous architecture and sublime carvings. Like that temple, this one too has an open corridor along the outer path, which is said to have housed some sixty four idols – once upon a time…



Have a look at this picture of the pillars in near the entrance. Just look at the smooth finish – looks like it has been carved on a lathe….


So that was Somnathapura. Driving back to Bengaluru, we stopped at Maddur. Maddur was earlier known as Arjunapura, named after the Pandava hero Arjuna, who is said to have come here. The town is famous for ‘vadai’ and and for the Ugra Narsimha temple, also of Hoysala period, that we came to visit. Time was around 7 pm, and the sanctum sanctorum had been curtained for some ritual. The priest asked us to visit the Varadaraja Perumal temple nearby and come back. And what a temple that turned out to be. A massive idol of Varadaraja Perumal. Some devotee had organized a big Abhisheka ceremony that day… And then we came to Narsimha temple…Curtains  were off… A large black stone idol of Ugra Narsimha… After Darshan, we had some divine “curd-rice” prasadam from the temple…

And then we were off to Bengaluru.

Before I log off from this post on Somnathapura, I would like to leave you with a picture of the outer garden of the Somnathapura temple.

Somnathapura garden

So that was the day trip. Started from Bengaluru around 11 am… Stopped at Ramohalli Banyan tree..then Bidadi banyan tree… then off to Somnathapura… Maddur on the way back. Back to Bengaluru by 10 pm or so….

A nice day indeed!

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