The 25th of June

All channels are talking of June 25, 1983… The day when India won the Prudential cup – the cricket world cup. And my class e-group had a lot of fun talking about “where were you on that day?”…

And then someone asked, about the same date, in a different year:

“How many of us remember June 25th 1975? And what were you doing then?”…

One of my class fellows, NR, of Kerala, guessed right, when he replied “Emergency?”

Yes, that was the day when the Indira Gandhi Government declared a state of Emergency in India.

Civil liberties were suspended, opposition leaders jailed, press freedom suspended, judicial freedom curtailed…

And heres what Joseph remembers of that day… I quote from his mail…

“emergency i wont forget !

I just about did not make it into RECT ( you lucky devils !) was in the tail-ender batch in August – not enough marks obviously !

i was visiting my school one day in July and had hung around till 7:00 pm with some pals. my close pals had all left by then to BITS, JIPMER, etc. I had applied only to RECT & a hurried one to REC Calicut. i was sh*7$ng in my pants ( damn that silly mistake from over-confidence – old problem , still with me – for maths in CBSE that knocked off 10 marks in a really simple question !!)

As i waited for a bus back it was getting dark. Then i heard this rumble of an overloaded old jeep spewing smoke trundling up the steep road as police men in helmets stood up at the back & were also packed into it. I was grinning at the sight sitting on a culvert, as it passed me. I also had this CBSE smirk for all local offices & machinery.

I guess it must have pissed off the Sub Inspector coz the jeep that passed me stopped about 20 meters away and the athletic police men in helmets & really heavy boots that went KATAK, KATAK, PACHAK, KATAK ran towards me shouting ” come here u dog!’

I was in shock as 3 of them grabbed me, bend my hand behind me and push me to the ground, pulled me up, pushed me to the jeep and shoved me in !

inside a sub inspector turned around bored and asked me what are you doing here?

F*&$ man – i had not even started shaving and the F-&^%$-R thought i was some criminal??

i cud not speak in malayalam well then as the Refinery school did not have a great malloo crowd and neither were we taught malayalam . So i spoke in english and that saved me !! The SI then had to respond in English to save his face in front of his goons. I was surprised that i was showing that i was pissed though i was scared & intimidated like hell with these KATAK KATAK KATAK boots of these cops.

I asked him – what did i do? why are you doing this to me? i just went to my school!

He asked what school ? I explained. Then he said -‘ look its Emergency- do u understand? dont hang around here on the roads after 6:00. OK? Now go home !!’

They then almost chucked me out of the jeep and puttered on as the guys standing at the back glared at me & i back !

So – how will i forget the Emergency , 1975 and RECT & you F-&^#@-S ?!!





So, where were you on June 25th?


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