The great wonderland of gas

You should see the queues lining up at Petrol Bunks in Chennai.

The bunks are going dry and the rumor mills are overflowing. But then if there is no smoke, then it is fair to assume that there is no fire. Sure does look like the country’s oil comapanies have little or no reserves for the common man. Someone said that they are rationing it by state. And giving three days quota at a time. And that the diesel demand rate in India is increasing at 30% per annum – thats doubling every three years. And that the state owned oil companies have simply no wherewithal to match that with supply. One would have called it comic, had it not been farcical, when one sees the rulers summon the oil campanies and order them to “Resume supplies”. Reminds one of the biblical reference of Sam Manekshaw to Indira Gandhi’s call to battle – “let there be light”. The financial planners havent budgeted for light – so how can there be light? What then of the eloquent and adept product of Harvard Business School, our Honorable minister of Finance, Sri PC? Of him, perhaps we should echo the words of Alice in Wonderland – “An author doesn’t necessarily understand the meaning of his own story better than anyone else.” (To which he might respond with another Alice quote “I can’t explain myself, I’m afraid, Sir, because I’m not myself you see.”).

Rumors are news now. Roadside murmers have it that some big ocean liners are on the way and that they will be arriving amidst tight security tomorrow night. Roadside rumors whisper that Nero is alive and fiddling and that Reliance is exporting gas. I dont know about  that, but this I do know that many roads in Chennai are periodically dug up. The roads are dig up every few months, creating major traffic stress. This time around they were saying that these have been dug for Reliance. Cable? Or is it gas? Sure wish that there is a seperate ministry for Road Digging in the state. An Alician question comes to mind – “when you have no roads, why do you need gas?”

Coming back to the gas situation. There is talk that dealers are being incentivised to sell less. Now thats an innovative business model.

Nuke-deal deadlock. Gas crisis. Raging inflation. What is Sonia to do? Call for Elections this winter?  “Sentence first — verdict afterwards!” as had said the Queen of Hearts? Perhaps then its time that the Indian electorate looks at the Coalition-Adharma opportunists in the eye and and respond the way Alice did  – “Who cares for you?’ said Alice, (she had grown to her full size by this time.) ‘You’re nothing but a pack of cards!’ ” 


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