Tiruvannamalai, Ramanashramam, Peacocks

We arrived at Tiruvannamalai just as the Sun was dipping behind Arunachala.

Have a look.


Twilight time at Ramanashramam. There are temple chants, bells… there is thick silence…

A couple of peacocks on the temple roof, looking at the heavens, searching for the Sun?


Here’s another.  Oh where has the Sun gone?


Towards the eastern side of the Ashrama (the Goshala side) there are the protected-enclosures for peacocks in need. Out there, in one of the enclosures is this special peacock – a white peacock.


Readers of Ramana literature would know of the first white peacock that came to Ramanshramam. Someone brought it in April 1947, and left it at the Ashram saying that it was a gift from the Maharani of Baroda. One can see that peacock in the Archival films DVD of Ramanashramam. You can read more about that peacock in this link

The white peacock seen in the Ashram now is housed in the protected-enclosure because it has just given birth to chicks. White chicks. Seems this is the first time in the last fifty years that white chicks have been born in the Ashram. Here’s a picture of the parent and the chicks.



The color of Shuddha Sattva, is what Ramana Maharshi said of the white peacock. In contrast, the regular ones are of myriad colors of Maya. Here are a couple of peacocks, next day, in the ground behind the Mahanirvana room.


And here are two more, ensconced on one of the roofs – near the eye-catching statues of the man and the cow.


One of them unfurls its wings and dances. Joy is a bird dancing…



              ** To be contd **


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    Wonderful Pics.. Looking forward for another post on your visit to Sri. Ramanasramam :).

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