Ashok Mankad

The news reads that Ashok Mankad is no more… Passed away today…

His test career stats do not really reflect the cricketer that he was. Those of us who have seen Indian cricket in 60s and early 70s will remember Mankad well. He was a presence in the test field, and could stand up and face the pace bowling attack of Australia and West Indies. Ashok Mankad, if I remember right, was the senior partner, when Sunil Gavaskar first opened for India in the West Indies test series of 1970-71.

His name, needless to say, carried the magic surname – Mankad – an enduring name, a kind of Brand name in itself, in sports. His father Vinoo Mankad was the stuff of Indian cricketing legend, and his opening wicket partnership with Pankaj Roy of 413 was beaten only very recently. Ashok Mankad’s better half, Nirupama has represented India in tennis. And there have been other Mankads as well in the sports arena.

Is feels appropriate that Ashok passed away on a day when India was playing test cricket…and an Indian opener (Sehwag) carried his bat through and scored an unbeaten double hundred.

Goodbye Ashok…Rest in peace…


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