Categories, will you please…

When I see
girls chatting
in perfect step
all at the same time
half mind
on current topic
and three quarters
suddenly picking up
chat strings
of day before yesterday
and dropping strings
of five minutes ago

i think I understand
Life, death
and reincarnation…

I think
Is girl talk.


4 Responses to “Categories, will you please…”

  1. shival Says:

    And so,
    those who can maintain Perfect Silence,
    Like Ramana,
    Merge into Silence itself……

    Very nice poem, indeed, Kameshji.

    Thank you :).

  2. Srinivasa Says:

    Very nice … very reflective

  3. GJV Prasad Says:

    there is coherence in chaos; brilliant eternal weaving in the clatter and the everchanging threads; creation overriding destruction

  4. gkamesh Says:

    Thanks folks….

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