Sushil Kumar – Pehelwaan

It was great seeing an Indian wrestler pinning his opponent down on the mat and moving on to the quarterfinals. Sushil Kumar did that today when he defeated Albert Batyrov of Belarus in the 68 Kgs freestyle wrestling contest at Olympics.

Pl note that Albert Batyrov was the European Champion last year.

The first round was on even footing but Sushil did score more and the score was 1 Sushil to nil Albert. In the second round, Albert managed to spin Sushil around the score went to 4 for Albert. In the third, Sushil was clearly ahead, as he pinned Albert down and nearly put him on his back as well – except that the strong Belarus-ian used all his strength to lie face down on the mat. The round put Sushil upto 7 points and victory.

He is now through to quarters. He had actually lost the first match to the Ukranian wrestler Andriy Stadnik, but continued in the event, thanks to the principle of Repechage – a practice that allows participants that failed to meet qualifying standards by a small margin, or those who lose to top competitors in the early rounds, to continue to the next round.

(btw: Indian wrestling always brings to mind the great coach, Guru Hanuman, who trained ever so many Asian-games medal winning Indian wrestlers. Guru Hanuman was legend.)

Great stuff Sushil! Just one more win, and you give India a medal more. Best Luck!


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2 Responses to “Sushil Kumar – Pehelwaan”

  1. gkamesh Says:


    Sushil has won the Bronze!

    Ab Bolo!

    Way to go Sushil!

  2. Natarajan Balachander Says:

    I noticed. have India won a medal in wrestling at Olympics during the Guru Hanuman days?

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