I am my brother’s keeper

Happened to see Obama’s acceptance speech today.

The Americans know how to put up a show! And Obama is a star. He has a natural grace, like Bolt running the Olympic sprint… he has a great voice… and best of all, he has a winning smile. Thats the clincher…

He came on stage and must have said “Thank You” twenty or thirty times – to an avid audience that refused to stop applauding. He went through his lines with ease… He hammered home his message of ‘change’, made the people chant ‘yes, we can’ and ‘eight is enough’ (of Rep rule)… He took on McCain and the Republican philosophical position and said that the country had lost more than just what you could see and count… it had lost a common sense of purpose in the last eight years of Rep misrule… He emphasized the cause of the common American… He challenged McCain to a debate to figure out who has a better judgment on national security, and deserves to be C-in-C…

It was American Masaalaa at its best.

But did it have the magic of “I have a dream” speech of Martin Luther King of forty five years ago? (Same date as this one)…. I think not… Was it good enough to keep you hearing from beginning to end? I think yes… I think Whitehouse may well see a black President this year…

Barak made one statement strongly… speaking about different aspects and effects of the last eight years of Rep rule, he repeatedly said “We are better than that”…

I think Barak too is better than what he thinks he is… Hope he finds his real self…

I have a dream…



2 Responses to “I am my brother’s keeper”

  1. Padmini Says:

    I like your blog posts 🙂 esp your “Categories” poem.

    Obama may or may not have had the magic of the “I have a dream” speech in his presentation. However, the very fact that the comparison is being made (by many) speaks in two possible ways. One is that unlike with other candidates he reminds one of the civil rights leader. Or, it may be that the bar is higher as he is black. Which is dominant may indeed determine the outcome of this election. – PadminiS

  2. gkamesh Says:

    Hey thanks Padmini.

    as regards obama: i think that he should set the bar higher himself – because he can jump higher than he thinks he can.

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